Best 5 Windows 8 applications for Hindus

There are thousands of applications for People who love to use Windows, from entertainment to news. You simply name it and you have it, isn't that wonderful. What if I tell you that you can also get religious and as well you can see your future by using some application through your Windows? I know it might sound unbelievable but it is true when we are in modern world of technology. Here I am going to provide you some great Hindu application for Windows that you cannot do without for sure. Let's check out some useful Hindu application that is made for Windows especially.

  1. MB Janam Kundali 1.95 :
    Are you interested in knowing what god have thought for you, what you are going to be in future? Then for that you simply have to download this great application which will let you know what your future holds for you. Basically the application calculate your birth chart which is done through verify astrology. If you are studying astrology or are interested to know about it, then also you can get this application and learn about the position of the stars in universe which are suppose to make the future of any individual in this world. This application shows your kundali according to your birth chart which is almost correct, so you can rely on this application without any doubts.
  2.  Hindu world Calendar application:
    This application will help you to show all the Panchang data which are calculated for the city nearest you. It will also show you some more information like tithi, nakshatra, rahu kalam, moon rasi, sunrise, moon rise, festivals and many more. It also contains information from all around the world in several continents. You will be able to save your personal event like your birthday and many more .and you can retreive it from any Windows 8 devices, if the device have this application. What else you can also for, simply download this application and get access to Hindu world calendar whenever you want no matter where you are.
  3. Bhagvat Gita:
    I really don't think that I have to say anything regarding this application. It is actually a shook, which you can read whenever you want. Bhagvat Gita is all about knowledge, devotion and Krishna Leela. If you want to get Nirvana then I would strongly suggest you to download this shook application and I am sure that your way of thinking will definitely change for your good. If you want to get the complete knowledge of the Basic five truths of this earth then you should download this divine application.
  4. Hindu Gods:
    There are thousands of Hindu gods and by hearing the word thousand you can imagine that it will be not easy for anyone to know all the names of the gods. So for this reason this application has developed, which contain some of the name of Hindu gods that you would love to know for sure. I am not sure whether this application has all the names of god, but it does contain important information related to god names. Go through this application and get to know names of Hindu god.
  5. Weapons of Hindu Gods:
    Mythological stories have it that Hindu god and the warrior had to use many weapons during wars. Some of the weapons had specific function and also you might have found many gods holding some or the other weapons with them, but we hardly know the name of the weapons and for what purpose it is used. With the help of this application, you will be able to timeout which Hindu god or warrior had used which weapon and what was the description of that special weapon. So to know all about mythological weapons simply download this application.


  1. Nice to know that such religious specific apps are also available in this day. Tnx :)

  2. Bro. You should have added our application as well.


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