Comparison between Dish TV and Sun Direct DTH services

Today we are able to see so many companies coming up with the service of digital signal television viewing and making the experience better than ever for you. So its becomes important to check out all the possible services, compare it and then choose the best. Here I will be comparing two DTH satellite services namely Dish TV and Sun direct TV. Such type of services have satellite TV packages which receive programming from dishes mounted on your roof and same goes for both of the above companies as well.

Let's go for the side by side comparison between Dish TV vs. Sun Direct TV:

  1. Channels

    One of the most important point to remember when choosing a DTH satellite TV provider is that you need to consider a variety of factors. The trick is that each company will offer several features that its competitor may not be able to, and those specific features might be something that make the difference for you. Two of the biggest satellite companies are Sun Direct TV and Dish TV. Once you start observing you will notice that both offer different services to their customers at a different price and variety of different channels as well. Both companies include all local channels in any of their packages plus you will notice that both providers have basic premium channels, mostly including movie channels a lot. However, Sun Direct TV will offer you several sports channels and packages that Dish TV will does not. But Dish TV is able to provide several more premium channels than Sun Direct TV.
  2. High digital value

    Both of the networks offer HD programming on many of their channels. To use HD Sun Direct TV, you just have to add some extra money to any package you purchase. Dish TV is currently offering free HD for life although normally this costs additional money as you need a different set top box for that and is not available with the company's smallest package. Sun Direct TV offers 78 premium HD channels, with local channels included in its package, and has the most available HD channels, but Dish TV offers 68 premium HD channels and an additional charge to receive HD local programming.
  3. Cost

    Both of the providers offer a variety of packages. Dish TV has got lowest package as well as most expensive package per month. But Sun Direct TV packages are expensive when compared with Dish TV packages. When you compare two packages from each of the providers with similar channels and features, you'll find Sun Direct TV will cost more than Dish TV for per month.
  4. DVR

    A DVR (Digital Video Recording) package from Sun Direct TV will cost more than Dish TV. Both are able to record HD programming as well as SD programming and perform basic tasks such as pause, rewind and fast forward. Dish TV's DVR will allow you to record up to 400 hours of SD programming and 100 hours of HD programming where as Sun Direct TV will allow you to record up to 200 hours of HD recording and 50 hours of HD programming, and recording can be set up to 14 days in advance.

Final verdict for Dish TV vs Sun direct TV

Making the final decision is bit tough, as both have got good and bad points which are almost equivalent. With satellite TV, you will get more channels for less money because all equipment and installation charges are included, you will not get any hidden fees ever from both of the companies. Both Dish TV and Sun Direct TV currently offer competitively-priced packages with exceptional values thrown in.

Basically, I won't be the right person to tell every individual for which service you should go for from the above two and it really depends on you to choose by asking what your needs are and then decide finally before choosing a DTH. From the above analysis I would say that Dish TV is much better then Sun Direct TV primarily due to less price for non-premium channels.

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