Comparison between Reliance Big TV and Dish TV DTH service providers

Choosing between the 4-5 DTH providers in India can be a headache with very little visible difference in their services and your friends not a help because at most they would have tried only 2 of these DTH providers. So here we bring you a comparison between two of the major DTH providers in India- Reliance Big TV and Dish TV DTH service providers. 

Why to choose Reliance over Dish TV?

  1. The main reason, people choose Reliance Big TV is because it is has incorporated MPEG-4 technology unlike other DTH who are still on MPEG-2. The most basic difference between the two is that MPEG-4 is capable of carrying more channels in its offerings so which means more channels can be added within a short span of time.
  2. Another merit that I would like to talk about is that Reliance Big TV has got awesome picture and audio quality which is much better than any other existing DTH. So you can say that Reliance really lives up to the expectations for a true digital quality experience.
  3. One more star can be added to this service as Reliance Big TV is the only DTH that offers several channels in its base pack, which you cannot find in Dish TV or any other company. In fact, Big TV’s package and pricing is absolutely tailor-made to suit the exact needs of the customers. Because of this advantage, customer get more channels by paying less, which is a very big fact to look upon when buying a DTH.
  4. There is a features of Active or rather called “Select” services on Big TV which will allow you to watch 12 channels at a time on a single screen unlike other DTH where you can watch a max of 6 – 8 channels.
  5. One more reason will make you want this services, as you all know that rain-fade is an issue that is common for all DTH. But when it come to Reliance Big TV you can enjoy your favourite programs even when it rains because Reliance Big TV’s advanced technology lets you watch channels even when it rains heavily. It is possible that channels may black-out for just about 5-6 seconds whereas in other DTHs, channels black-out which lasts the entire length of the rain.

Why to choose Dish TV over Reliance Big TV?

  1. Even though Reliance offer high number of channels but still it is behind Dish TV because only after Dish TV, Reliance Big TV offers the highest no of channels, so here Dish TV is the winner.
  2. Dish TV STB is great with its stable software and no problem have been reported till date, but the STB software of Reliance Big TV which is still now not stable which is the main problem. Customers across India have reported about STB hanging problems innumerable number of times, it gets over-heated, hangs several times, slow channel navigation, does not work after a manual update are some of the many issues that keep occurring to the Big TV STBs.
  3. When compared to Dish TV the customer care service is not up to the mark. Reliance Big TV's Customer Care and Customer Service has been reported to be not good. On of the customers we interviewed reported lack professionalism in their behaviour and lack of after sales support. However, this is a area to area varying factor and is not necessarily a nationwide characteristic.
  4. Dish TV will give you the pack you have asked for, even though it may get delayed for someday, but it is sure you will get what you have asked for. But when Reliance Big TV Incorrect package activation have happened with several users at times where the customer was wanting one pack and some other pack was activated instead.
  5. The logo of Dish TV in the screen is small and transparent and the same thing is with other DTH services where logos are relatively smaller and of watermark type, whereas the Reliance Big TV logo placed on the top left corner of screens is quite big and not transparent which is irritating.

Final verdict

By coming across many problems with Reliance regarding its STB and Customer Support, I would recommend you to go for Dish TV. But if you are okay with the above problems and want to have more channels by giving less money then you can happily go for Reliance Big TV.

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