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Comparison between Dish TV and Airtel TV services

Dish TV and Airtel Digital TV are two major DTH service providers in India. With the Indian government pushing for digitization across India it is common for people to be confused over which service provider to use. So to help you in choosing the right DTH providers, here we provide you with an exhaustive review, comparing the pros and cons of Airtel Digital TV versus Dish TV.

Why choose Airtel Digital TV over Dish TV?

Airtel is a well known telecom service, so definitely Dish TV is going to have a tough competition. You will love to choose Airtel digital TV because it has got a better STB or you can say an Universal Remote, so it will be easy for you to access the services of Airtel Digital TV. It has got superb audio and video quality, if you take recharge factor here then Airtel has much better and cheap Top-Ups for individual or couple channels, it has got some advanced guide features like Genre/Rating, genre wise channel selection, rating based channel blocking and many more. You will get full 7 Days EPG and there are regular sums/STB Message alerts of latest offers, schemes from digital TV. If you see the content then the PPV content in Airtel has more variety and plus the content costs are very low. From your registered mobile number or from internet you can view Program Schedule.
If you are already an Airtel service subscriber like its GSM service or broadband then you have an advantage of subscribing for another of its service. You don't have to worry about the hassles of registering with another company. You will also be able to take the advantage of Airtel Money for recharging your Airtel Digital TV easily.

Why not to choose Airtel digital TV over Dish TV ?

Even though Airtel service is preferable, but there are some problem which may let your hopes down regarding this services. Most of the active services and 50% of games are paid, so you have to pay for most of the services and games if you want to go further for that particular service or game. If you see the quantity of the channels then I would say that the number of channels is quite less compared to Dish TV, I have also observed that the Interactive contents are very few, even though they are good, but they are very few.

Why choose Dish TV over Airtel digital TV ?

You will be happy to know that all the Active services or games are absolutely free, so it means you really don't have to pay for extra services or games. If you see the quantity then I would say that the number of channels offered is much and the reason for high number of channels is due to co-location of DD Direct+ satellite with Dish TV’s satellite, and because of this co-location of Dish TV and DD Direct+ one nice advantage for Dish TV customers is that if any channel is added in DD Direct+ then it is automatically added to Dish TV’s offering as well, isn't that great! You will be happy to find a lot of interactive services in Dish TV, which are not present in Airtel Digital TV. You will be able to find special channels in Dish TV which show offers and schemes from time to time.

Why not to choose Dish TV over Airtel Digital TV ?

We tend to use our remote a lot, but Dish TV’s STB or Remote is not very advanced, so you will be disappointed when you will get your not so advanced remote control of Dish TV. The quality of audio and video is low compared to Airtel Digital TV, which is also one of the major back draw. However, if you go for the HD version, these complaints go away. They don't have good options of Top-Ups and also they are few in number as well and variety is too low though they are cheap. The service of EPG is for only 3 Days and it is not at all available for DD Direct+’s channels. The PPV content doesn't have much variety and it is costly as well and if you observe sometimes it is double of what Airtel charges.
One of the major disadvantage its customers find is that Dish TV does not offer any method to downgrade the pack online and the only way to do so is by asking its customer care representative. Moreover, though there is no charge to upgrade your pack, you have to pay a small amount to downgrade. Compared to the Airtel Digital TV interactive online portal, which offers much more flexibility to its users, Dish TV follows an unethical method of not providing option for downgrading the pack online.

Final Verdict

I can say one thing that if you want to have lots of channels or services at a cheaper rate and you are ready to compromise with audio and video quality then you can happily go for Dish TV and if you really want to experience a Truly Digital Audio and Video environment and for this if you are ready to pay a few more rupees per month, but you are ready to compromise a bit with number of channels then you can go for Airtel Digital TV. In short, I would like to say that if you prefer quantity then go for DishTV and if you prefer quality then go for Airtel Digital TV.

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