Best Islamic apps for Windows 8 smartphones, tablets and PC

Every religion has their own timing of prayers and their own way to pray to remember the God who is everything for them. People love every kind of religion and want to learn and study about the other religion. So if you want to know about their culture and their religion you can have these apps. Now following are the apps which discuss about the Muslims.

Pray timings for Muslims: This application will let you know the Namaaz timing of Muslims of Pakistan based on their position calculated by longitude and latitude. So if a person wants to know their timings and do prayers according to that time he can have this app to know it. And later update will show you the timings from all over the world.

Al-Salah: This app helps you in calculating the timing of the Muslim prayer and the next prayer timing also. One can search by giving the destination in the search option and can set a reminder so that one does not forget to get ready for the next prayer.

Muslim suit Pro: Quran, the need of Muslims, one can have this app which enables you to read Quran in 44 languages and it also tells the timings for the prayer and if one forgets to pray on a given time it also shows an adjusted time when a user can pray. It uses GPS to track the location and one can download Quran in their respective language and reminder feature is also there.

Muslim Matters Blog Reader: As the name suggests it lets you to connect with the blogs of the Muslim religion so one can update himself with the latest happening in their religion. It uses RSS feeds for the information.

Productive Muslim Blog Posts: Want to feel the culture and lifestyle of Muslims than go for this application which will use RSS feed and let you know the entire lifestyle of the Islamic and tell you about al ISLAM.

Kids Islamic Learning: It is always hard to teach a little kid as they need a little bit fun during learning process so download this app and teach your kid the basic of Islamic religion. This is voice enabled app so it will speak a question and show a animation about the answer so the kid will get interested in playing this as game and learn the basic of the religion. Knowledge can be checked by tracking the record and score.

IslamicHub: Hub is a central area which means with this app you find the centre of the information and knowledge of Muslims. This helps will tell you the prayers and can translate into the language you required so that you can understand meaning of the prayer. The holy Quran is available in multi languages and in audio recitation.

Concept of Islam for windows 8: From the beginning till the end everything about Quran is over here with this cool app and you can share your ideas and events here so that everyone is updated with the latest of the Islamic religion.

Quran Quotes: To keep the mind fresh and to go with the flow and lead a successful life one should have this app so that you can learn inspirational quotes and duas to follow the real and right path.

Every religion has their own lifestyle and their own culture. These apps given above shows the culture way of living and their pray to their god and how to lead h happy and prosperous life. So must try them and give us your best views about these cool and simple applications.


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