Top 5 best Samsung Galaxy Note 2 productivity apps

When it comes to Samsung Galaxy Note II then you have to have all the below mentioned application. The original Samsung Galaxy was a hit because of its great features and functions and if you want to get hundred percentage usage out of your Samsung Galaxy Note II then simply go through all the top five applications and trust me you will find some of them useful for sure.

  1. S Memo :
    S Memo is one of the best applications that you can have in your Samsung Galaxy Note II. If you want to note anything then you need not go to the application, you can voice record it or hand write it anywhere in the screen and it will automatically get saved. You can also use picture or any of the medium to record a memo and watch it whenever you want to collect the information. Isn't that great?
  2. Catch Notes :
    Catch note is also a memo recording application but it is little different from S Memo, here you can record any memo using voice record, pictures, record you position on map and you can also set reminders for your recorded memo. The private memo can also be easily tracked without any hassle and all these memo will be stored in the could storage and you can collaborate any memo or to do list with your friends, family or colleagues for ease your work ahead. So what are you waiting for? Just trap this great application for your Samsung Galaxy Note II.
  3. ComicBook :
    Comicbook is one of the best application that you can have. In this application you can convert yourself and your friends and family into comic character that may be a hero or a villian just in a second. Some of the features are customizable captions, image filters, auto caption styles, you can use your S pen to draw anything above any image. The best thing is that you can share it on Facebook and Twitter. What else you can search for a great time!
  4. Drawing Pad :
    If you are artist then you should definitely have this great application. In this app you can draw almost anything which will be very real and you can do it by using brushes pencil, colour, roller pens and many other options to explore. The best thing is that you can store it in your memory card and then you can view it or edit it, the choice is yours and also you can share it in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  5. 4shared Music :You can access and listen to thousands of music which will be stored in your cloud storage account which you will get totally free with this application. You can create number of playlists according to your mood, so that you do not have to search every time when you want to listen to a specific song or album. You can create and share any music you like with your social networking sites with your Samsung Galaxy Note II. Galaxy Note 2 is 4G enabled which will make you're browsing and streaming experience using this app the best in the app market.

So if you are a proud owner of Samsung Galaxy Note II then it is like compulsory to have all the above mentioned application ;) All the applications which I have mentioned in this article are best of best and which you really can't ignore. When you use it in your Samsung Galaxy Note II then you will find these apps a lot useful to boost your productivity. So simply go to Google Play application on your phone and download all these applications to have the best experience of your Samsung Galaxy Note II.


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