How to Setup and use VPN in Windows 8

Internet connectivity is very essential for any professional today. Information is the key to success in today’s world and the internet is easily one of the best mediums for the flow of information. However, the safety of information is also very important. You need to work on a network which provides you security with regards to your data and your activity. Virtual Private Network (VPN) can do that job for you. As its name suggests, VPN gives you that privacy you needed.

Earlier, setting up a VPN was a very daunting task, but that’s not the case now anymore. With few simple steps, even a non-technical person can easily setup one. The VPN can be set up in two different ways – the outgoing network and an incoming network. The outgoing VPN involves connecting office network from a remote PC. The incoming VPN is when you computer allows connections from the remote computers.

Steps for setting up a VPN Network

1. First of all open the control panel on your system and click on View network status and tasks given under Network and Internet.

2. Now click on Set up a new connection or network given under Change your network settings.

3. Under Choose a connection option, click on Connect to a Workplace.

4. Now click on Next.

5. Click on Use my Internet Connection (VPN) in this step.

6. Now you will find an empty box and few tick boxes. Enter the Internet Address in the empty box and check on the tick boxes as per your choice or preference. Now click on create.

Steps to connect to the VPN Network

1. First click on the Network symbol which is visible in the task bar and in that click on the Network button.

2. Now you will be able to see the VPN Network created by you. Click on the Connect button which will connect you to that network.

How to remove or change the properties of the VPN network

1. Now suppose you want to change any property of the VPN Network. To do that, right click on the VPN Network and click on View connection properties.

2. Right click on the VPN Network and that will give you option of connecting, editing or deleting the VPN Network.

The VPN involves many settings and can be used by different individuals as per their requirements. This tutorial was aimed at helping setting up the VPN in the easiest manner so that even a user not much aware with the technical stuff related to computers and networking are able to do so with minimal fuss just by following the steps given. 


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