Top five best puzzle games on Facebook for 2013

Do you find puzzles interesting? Big or small they are all exciting, once you solve them, and the sooner you solve them, you are declared a winner by all. ‘Yup! I can do it!’ this kind of feeling comes to you and gives you the belief that he is that one Special Somebody, who can dare it all. Puzzle games become so popular increasingly that people buy them for the sake of fashion too. Or what you can call a trend. My neighbor has it, so do I. Try not to bother your mind, rather enjoy the puzzle type game that you bought recently. You’ll sit like a tortoise till you get it all solved, but hey! Concentration is important, isn't it?

Candy Crush Saga

Be what you wanna be! Let’s do things in style. The fundamental game play could be called as familiar by anyone who has played ‘Match-3’ puzzle game. You just go on swapping colored sweets in a grid to create vertical or horizontal lines of three or more similar colored ones. Creating patterns on the grid all of the same color makes the game all the more interesting.

Pet Rescue Saga

Using tried and tested game mechanics that worked yesterday or the day before works today as well. You can call it a Diamond-Dash kind of gem- matching power game play that has been brought forth for your eyes only. Players need to clear as many colored gems simply by clicking on groups of two or more like- colored stones that are touching. Here, the minimum number of gems in the group ought to be three. Player might also build up a charge on a ‘rocket’ at the side of the screen and continue matching larger groups of gems, and then, when fully used to immediately clear an on-screen column.

Bubble Island

Call it a story of a raccoon that is in search of thrilling adventure. In reality you play the brave raccoon, trying to solve the puzzles with the magical bag of bubbles. What you have in the form game mechanics is that you ought to complete a set of bubbles with the same color ASAP. Player might take too long to think and in the meanwhile the ceiling drops slowly until the bubbles hanging on the wall hit the ground. Form a strategy that works. Try hitting the entire row of bubbles with just a few shots. Game it well to have pure fun!

Lost Jewels

This one is a match-3 game, an exotic theme befitting for cities that are submerged and faded civilizations. The game’s boards are shattered and blasted, it’s no wonder the jewels would be called lost at the end of the game play. This puzzler is addictive and might keep you hooked in for long. 

Jewels of Amazon

Another match-3 game in the spotlight. You are presented with a grid of colored gems and in order to get the board clear, you ought to match them in groups of three or more of the same color. Pure fun! Ecstatically different!

The fun is everlasting. Puzzlers excite the person in you. Game on, you‘d love it!  


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