7 Best Features of Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4, successor to hugely successful Samsung Galaxy S III, was hugely anticipated by the smartphones lovers. S4 has got multiple advanced features that will give the users a whole new experience. Let’s have a look at 7 amazing features of Samsung Galaxy S4 that showcase how this new phone is technologically more advanced than most of its competitors.

1. Smart Pause: Got distracted due to something while watching a video on the phone and had to look away from the screen? Don’t worry because the smart pause allows you to control you screen by op when you looking at it. So the video would stop when you look away and resume as soon as you look back on the screen.

2. Smart Scroll: The scrolling becomes very easy in a sense that you need not touch the screen now to do that. The Smart Scroll feature scrolls the pages based on how user is looking at the screen and the movement of his/her wrist.

3. Dual Camera: Galaxy S4 has got a 13 megapixel rear camera and a 2 megapixel front camera & this feature allows the user to combine the photos clicked by two cameras in eight different ways. Truly this is one great feature of S4.

4. Not only S4 let the user to start and stop the video just by looking at or away from the screen, it also allows flipping between pictures and the songs just by the waving of hands which will let the sound to run alongside the pictures clicked by the user.

5. S4 has got a sensor in it which allows the users to scroll left or right any webpage or browse the pictures just by moving their hands i.e. they don’t need to touch the screen. This is very helpful when you can’t hold the phone, for instance while driving or eating something.

6. Want to know what is inside the inbox or the photo folder without opening it? Just hover you finger over any such folder and it will provide you with the details of the files inside that folder. This is truly very amazing stuff.

7. S4 also allows the user to automatically put the copy of details from a photograph of a business card into the phone's contacts database. The user can also call a number in the business card directly.


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