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Best Facebook Utilities Application for social connect

A day is always incomplete till you have the best conversation with your friends, after that only, you feel that everything is good now. If we are talking about utilities then it should help us to connect with our loved ones, then only the utility applicationd will be of use. So here I will be giving you top five utilities application which will let you connect with others and make your day better. There are many utility application, but here I am giving you detail about application which will let you connect.

Here is the top five Facebook Utilities Applications :

  1. Skype

    Skype is one of the best application which will connect you with your friends. It will let you do things together, whenever you’re apart. Skype will let you send text, voice and video, once you have created a account in it. With this application it will be simple for you to share experiences with the people that matter to you, wherever they are.
  2. Viber

    Viber is similar to Skype, but I feel that it comes next to Skype because some of the features quality is not that great when compared with Skype. Once you verify your number and create an account in this application then you will be allowed to call, text, and send photos worldwide for free to million of users who are using Viber as well. The best thing is that Viber is available for many devices and platforms like Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone, so enjoy being connected with your friends wherever you go.
  3. OoVoo

    ooVoo is a bit different for communication application, the special thing about this application in Facebook is that it offers 12-way video chat and that also free and this application is available across all platforms like Facebook, iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, Mac and Web. Do there are so many ways you can connect with your friends, but the best way would be to connect with the help of Facebook where you will come to know who else is also using this great application. ooVoo has a open Call concept because of which it will let you to talk face-to-face with anyone on the Web, and it will be a great application through the all-new Web and Facebook Applications.
  4. Hike

    Most of the applications demand that you can chat to other person only if they have also installed the same application. But this application is bit different, where other people need not to have this application. Hike will let you message all your friends who have installed this application and also to other friends you have not installed this application, so it means you can send message to anyone for free. Messaging has never been simpler. And all this for free, what else you can ask for?
  5. Bing

    Bing is actually a search engine, but its little different from other search engines. Mostly when you search for something, it solely give you the result for what you want, but in this search engine, the ideas of your friends also matters a lot, so you will get the result for what your friends might be interested too. Because of such features, you will know what your friends are interested about. It is just like asking one of your friend for movie or restaurant ideas. So can also let your friends from Facebook know of the pages that are really about you when they search on Bing, and help them show up better in Bing results. When you like or link a pages which is about you or your friends from Facebook, your friends will be able to see those results grouped higher in Bing search than the results for people who share the same name.


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