Best screen guard protection covers for Micromax A116 HD

This is the age of smartphones with large touchscreens and so it is very imperative to provide proper protection to them since any damage to them in form of scratch, smudge etc. will not only look bad, but also hamper the working of the phone as it might impact the sensors in the phone. Micromax A116 Canvas HD is a very popular phone in the market these days which comes with 5 inch LCD display. Obviously, a user of this phone would first search for a protection cover after buying it. Here we provide information about the best protection covers for Micromax A116 HD phones.

1. Micromax A116 Canvas HD Ultra Clear Invisi Shield Screen Scratch Guard Protector 

This screen scratch guard protector provides a very efficient protection to your Micromax A116 HD phone. It provides protection from scratches and smudges & you will find no difference to the clarity and the visibility aspects of the screen. The cover very easily gets fitted on the screen and can also be removed without worrying about the glue marks that are often left with cheap screen protection covers. It is also dust repellent and the package also includes one microfiber cloth.

2. Micromax A116 Canvas HD Screen Guard/Protector 

This screen guard consists of anti-scratch film which is thick and very durable. The cover keeps the LCD screen of the phone free from scratches & that too without compromising with the clarity and visibility of the screen. It is very easy to apply it on the screen and upon removal it leaves no residue at all. A user need not worry about the fingers marks or the oil smudges on the phone as this screen guard takes care of all that.

3. Micromax A116 Canvas HD Matte Anti-Glare Screen Scratch Guard Protector 

This one is another amazing protection cover for A116 HD phone. It is thin, durable and very easy to apply on the screen. The best thing about this cover is that protects your eyes by reducing 90 % of UV rays caused by reflected light. Its durability comes from high grade thermoplastics and is washable as well. Apart from that it is scratch-proof, anti dust and finger print resistant. The cover is smudge repellent and so you need not worry about the oily marks from your fingers. No doubt this is one product you can’t ignore easily if you have a Micromax A116 HD phone.

4. Amzer® Super Clear Screen Protector

Amzer’s super clear screen protector is another very good protection cover for your Micromax phone. It ensures that your mobile remains scratch free and at the same time its visibility is not hampered. The protection cover comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth and an installation card to help you apply it easily on the phone. It not only reduces glare, but also improves clarity of the screen. The cover has been designed to give comfort to the user of Micromax A116 HD and so it doesn’t slides or moves once applied. It is dust repellent and can be applied very easily on the phone.


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