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Facebook game: Dragon City review, walkthrough and play tips

Dragon City is an adventure game for the Facebook users in which you have to become the dragon master with the help of Deus the dragon master. He will tell you all the steps to become a powerful dragon master and you have to follow him. So take a look at how to play this exciting and adventurous game of dragons.

How to play

  1. When you click on play you can see the master of dragon Deus who will show you the steps to become the legend of dragons.
  2. You have to follow the simple steps in which you have to built your kingdom and you have to choose the egg so that you can get your first dragon.
  3. Now you have to get the dragon out of the egg and place it on your area and start feeding the dragon to make the dragon strongest of all the dragons.
  4. Now as the dragon grows bigger and powerful they need food so you have to built a farm now for them to get food.
  5. Now grow plants on your farm and different types of food for your dragon so they can become stronger.
  6. Just follow these steps and add more number of dragons and increase you area of kingdom to become the best and master of dragons.

Dragon City is a cool game for the kids who always think to have a dragon in their life. As you move on in the game you will come across different types of updates and upgrades for your farm and dragon to built a strong team to defeat any other team. In this game the more you update yourself and your dragon there are better chances of ruling the world. You can change or build anything by clicking on build button and start changing the things according to your need. You can see the goal button near Deus and complete them to gain more points. There are some points which you have to follow to tackle any problem coming in your way.
  1. Always follow the icons on the left of your screen which are hand icon, house, time bar and many more as the game proceed.
  2. There will be regular update what you have to do to spread your power over the wide area.
  3. Collect the gold to reach to the next level where more new things are waiting for you.

So just follow these steps to move ahead from your friends and you can battle with your friends to show them how good you are in handling the dragons. Add more number of friends so that you can request them to help you in building a nice and healthy environment for your dragons in a quick period of time. You will find some lost creatures whom you can give a place which will increase your power and points. They also provide you with free gifts which you can send to your friends and in return they will give you gifts that can help you in your game. Dragon City game gives user daily bonus offer in which you receive a gift whenever you log in for the first time in a day. Dragon City has rating of 4.4 and more than 6 million users have played this game.

Dragon City is perfect for the users who want to play the games for longer period of time and have interest in dragons. Patience and smartness is the key to success which can lead you to become the master of all the dragons. Dragon City has good sound effects and nice graphics which makes it a perfect game for the users. There are GEMS which you have to use carefully as they can buy you more powerful things so use them at the right time as you have to pay money for earning more number of gems. So play this game slowly and enjoy the every move of the game.


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