Google-Adidas Talking Shoes features and uses

Very recently Google unveiled a new type of wearable tech at the SXSW conference, which is none other than the Google Talking Shoes.Google Talking Shoes is being developed as part of the "Art, Copy, Code" project. With the reveal of this product, of course Google is not getting into a shoe business.
As the name itself says, these are just a running shoe but with an advanced talking integrated system. Yes, the shoes really do speak and it will act as a robotic coach by delivering some encouraging comments such as "Let's do this", "Faster! Feel the burn" and so on.

The main hardware configuration in this weartech includes, accelerometer, gyroscope, Bluetooth and other technologies. The main activity that the Google Talking Shoes do is, it senses the user's movement and delivers funny/encouraging timely commentary accordingly. But as you will be expecting, this shoe doesn't comment on each and everything so that you can depend on it throughout the day. This shoe was designed as a motivational tool for trainers with integrated communication system and various commentary to encourage their activity.

The Google Talking Shoes also features posting the things that it says to Google+. You can also broadcast anything yourself with the use of an onboard speaker within the Talking Shoes. This creativity product from Google also let users to connect Talking Shoes to their smartphone or computer using Bluetooth to track your movements. As I mentioned earlier, the Google Talking Shoes also delivers commentary either praising you or criticizing you based on your movements or activity level through a speaker placed on the tongue of the shoe. For example, if you stay still after wearing the Talking Shoes, it will start saying "this is super boring". By launching this product, Google mainly aim for the users to use the technology to tell your stories on the web. 


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