Top 5 Best Facebook Music Applications

Just imagine a day without any kind of music! Hard to think, right? Because it is really not possible to be away from music, as we are so busy to get somewhere in life, we simply forget to sit back and relax. So to get balanced with it we listen to music and do get the peace and happiness which is hard to get. So I have listed down top five Facebook Music Application to give the best of both the world.

Here are the top five Facebook Music Applications:

  1. Dhingana

    Dhingana is the largest online collection of Indian music. The vast catalog will give you instant access to music in every Indian language across all genres including Bollywood, devotional, ghazals, bhangra and much more, listen to the Latest Albums, Top songs and Top Playlists available anytime, anywhere You can also create your own personalized playlists and share them with friends. You can download this app for your phone and can play music right on Facebook. In this application you will get the latest music of Indian songs and also some of the Hollywood songs as well. But this application is mostly famous for vast collection of Indian music.
  2. Songza

    Songza is a very unique type of music application which plays you the right music at the right time no matter what you are doing, just let the app know what you are doing and it will play music according to your mood and work being done. Songza is 100% free where you will not get any audio advertisements & no monthly listening limit. Songza has has been featured on CNN, NY Times, NY Daily News and TechCrunch and was named a "Top 10 iOS App of 2011" by Mashable and a 2012 'Editors' Choice' by PC Mag, so now you know which music application is the best among the music streaming application.
  3. is India's most loved music streaming service. This application will allow you to create your very own playlists as your collections for your different moods and what all your playlists with your friends. The best thing is that this application learns from your music taste and provides personalized recommendations about hard to discover music, so you can listen more of your kind music whenever you like. You can also enjoy live music stations straight from Radio Mirchi, one of the popular radio station, grisly an experience for you.
  4. Spotify

    Want to have a new music collection, then think Spotify. With the help of this application you will be able to add millions of tracks in your music. Spotify is available for your PC, Mac, home audio system and mobile phone, so I can that wherever you go, your music follows you. Spotify and Facebook together have made possible to see and hear what our friends are listening to – just hit play on any music post of your friend's and listen to it.
  5. Jango

    Jango is an application where you will be able to access free internet radio with the most popular hits and options for the most variety and you can choose any radio you want to listen to. You will get access to listen hundreds of genre stations and you can also create your own stations with your favorite music. So you simply have to connect with Facebook and go to this great app and then get the best listening experience including hearing the favorite music of your friends by going to their post and see what are they listen to and you can listen the same music as well.


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