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Top 5 Best performance tune up utilities for Windows 8, 7 and XP

Remember the days when your computer system used to have a jet speed, that was the time when you first had rebooted your computer, but as your computer start getting packed with new files everyday it is bound to get slow day after day and this is the time it gets really important to tune up your computer, so that it can again get a moderate speed and have a good lifespan. There are thousands of tune up utility software available in the market, but here I will be giving review of the top five tune up utility software and application. But first you should know what exactly tune up utility software is, it is an application which is designed to fix the wear and tear that computer which may suffer over time by repairing hard drive fragmentation, fixing the problematic Windows registry, and also by deleting all the useless and duplicate files.

Here are the top five tune up utility application:
  1. Norton Utilities

    Norton UtilitiesNorton can give a life to your very old computer as well and it has got some good features when compared with other software. The best thing is that can improves system performance and it has real-time system monitoring. It is very easy to read file and problem descriptions and also it includes performance test tool. Some of the back draws are that it has got limitations in installation and it lacks one-click clean up and a health meter. The price of this application is $49.99 for three licenses.
  2. Diskeeper 2012 Professional

    The price of this awesome application is $29.95, I know it is bit pricey when compared with other such softwares and this the only back draw that it has got; because of the pricing many people don't prefer it. But it is worth the price as it has got the capacity for repairing the elements that negatively
    impact system performance and because of some unique tools which low downs the wear process. It is one of the best software which improves system performance as it has got many new features which aid in preventing
    performance degradation and that also with detailed system reports which many such soft wares lacks.
  3. AVG PC Tuneup

    AVG PC Tuneup is a very popular software which clean up your computer system in the best way. It offers a robust system- cleaning performance which is unbeatable, but the pricing and license limitations keep it from
    being the king of the PC tune-up in the market. It has got the feature of deep system scan and repair plus real-time monitoring and the best part is that it has got one-click system repair and the price of this software for one licence is $29.99 which is bit high for one licence.
  4. 360Amigo System Speedup Pro

    360Amigo ProThis software will improve your computer's system by cleaning up all the useless data. Some of the features are that it improves system performance and clean all the waste data by informing all the interface with the ability of one-click clean up system. The thing that it lack is the unlimited PC installation and in-depth cleaning feature explanations which make it somewhat pricey. The price of this software is $19.95 per year.
  5. Iolo System Mechanic 10

    It is one of the best application that you can count upon. Some of the features are that it has excellent PC tune-up capabilities which give unlimited installation and also it gives you a detailed explanation of PC problems which are quite rare, it is a very useful desktop widget. But some of the problems with this software are that the designated drivers are not able to supply as many drivers as other products can. It needs internet-connection for performing boost, other then this it is a great software. The price of this software is $49.99.


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