Comparison between Airtel Digital and Reliance Big TV DTH services

Airtel TV and Reliance Big TV are quite popular among young generation as it got to offer so many channels and services that are loved by youngsters. But this popularity creates a lot of confusion when it comes to choosing one of them. So here I will be comparing these two DTH companies so that it becomes easy for you to choose one amongst them. See all the pros and cons between the services of both the companies and decide for yourself which one you will prefer to go with. Here we go:

Pros and Cons of Airtel Digital TV

All the Advertisements are simply great, showing the service of each DTH provider to be the best. But when it comes to actual services, then it is entirely another thing to talk about. It has been reported that a lot of problems related to the quality of the signals is coming up with Airtel. But it is also true that only Airtel Digital TV exclusively offers 10 popular and premium World-Space satellite radio channels to its subscribers. If you consider the customer care response, then I would say that they are not up to the mark and they will definitely promise you the best quality, but I am still not satisfied about their promises. Airtel Digital TV will offer you true DVD quality picture and CD quality sound which are absolutely flawless though it takes some time to switch between channels and the quality isn't that amazing.

Though they offer you cheap packages, but you will surely get confused while choosing any package. Going by the package plan of channels, Airtel Digital TV is best, as it gives you 137 channel in just Rs. 221(inclusive of all taxes) i.e, economy plan. The Dish antenna of Airtel Digital TV is considerably bigger than other DTH dishes, because of which you won't loose connectivity even when it rains wild, in case of Tata Sky and Reliance, their signal is not so good but facility wise Tata Sky, Big TV and Dish TV are better and I would say that the external appearance of Airtel Digital TV STB is sleek and it is a DTH that offers universal remote for its users. So it means that there would be no more hassle of using two remotes at a time but other DTH service will surely not offer you Universal remote, so it means you have to use two remotes at a time.

Pros and Cons of Reliance Big TV

They very first thing that I loved about this DTH company is its website. It is a great and simple website. Big TV has incorporated MPEG-4 technology unlike other DTH who are still on MPEG-2, because of Big TV’s advanced technology it will let you watch channels even when it rains heavily, even though Airtel TV is good in providing services when it rains, but it does comes next to Reliance as sometimes the signal of Airtel goes when it starts raining heavily and then comes backs when rain slowdowns.

Channel packaging is quite simple and easy, Big TV’s package and pricing is absolutely tailor-made to suit the exact needs of the customers, so it means that you can choose any channels that you like and want to and you don't have to spend anything on the channels you don't want. But the downside is that in the website it does not have all the channels listed on the current pack, for example there is no Discovery Channel listed on either the base packs or the add-on packs. But in reality, it is a part of base packages, because of this carelessness, it might cause great confusion among the customers of this service. But still Big TV is able to give awesome picture and audio quality which are much better than any other existing DTH.


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