Best Football live streaming, games and trivia apps for Windows 8

Football is a game of speed, stamina, fake moves and of goals. Everyone wants to be a part of this game and now with Windows 8 apps of football will bring the game in your hand in which you can play the game with different teams or you can show your knowledge related to the game and you can show your skills to defend the other opponents challenges.

Global Soccer: Global Soccer game in Windows 8 is making people crazy with its cool graphics and your favorite players as characters. Latest edition of this game has the latest players of the respective teams, taking the game as close to reality as possible and keeping the excitement high. This is one of the best game of football available on any operating system for the football lovers. It also comes with history of football to increase your trivia about the game.

Major League Soccer: Searching for the schedule of the league matches and not getting the information or getting it wrong? If so then you can use this app which will update you with the latest happenings in the world of football as well as show you the historic moments of football. Nice app for the people who want to be stay in touch with their game. The high number of downloads which is increasing day by day is a proof of its quality.

FC Barcelona: Big fan of Barcelona and not able to watch their matches or not able to see what happened to the team or any other news related to the team of FC Barcelona? Here is the app which keeps a complete tab on your favorite team. With more than 150 votes this app has become the recommend app for the fans of Barcelona. It is a free app which gives you the information of all the players.

Football News: This app come with the latest information of all the teams of league. You have to just select the team and you will get the information that you want.

Quiz Football teams: Want to check your knowledge about the football game so use this app which can help you with questions from the past and the present happenings in the game. Freely available and a good app to increase your knowledge as well as test it right with your Windows 8 device.

Football Star: Do you think you are a big fan of football game then download this game and test your mind by guessing the name of the player by seeing their pictures. You will be getting a picture of the football star and you have to guess the name and your level will increase as you give correct answers.

College Football Playbook: This app is for the person who is in college or who loves to see the matches of college team as it provides you the latest information about the college matches and which college team is at the top of the league. But user has to buy this app to avail its all features. But you can try it for free before making your mind to download it. This app is one of the popular app which people have liked and downloaded.

Air Football: It’s a multiplayer game in which each player has to score a goal and the person with more number of goals will win this game. What makes this makes the game addictive is that you won't like to see yourself defeated in a game that is your favorite.

Decision Maker Fantasy Football '12: If you want to act like a coach and select the players who should play and who should sit therefore deciding the fate of the game then download this game and you can choose the player you want to play for your fantasy team.

These are the football apps one can have but it depends upon the need of the person what type of thing they want. Now if someone has the passion to play game you should go with Global Soccer or to know the latest information one can go with Football news, Major League Soccer or any else. It is completely up to you to choose the best apps amongst there to satisfy your want of Windows 8 football apps.


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