Top 5 Best Card games on Facebook 2013

Playing card games are easily one of the simplest and oldest forms of games around. Carious card games like poker, bridge, and blackjack etc. have been a source of entertainment and fun for all of us. For all the card game enthusiasts, Facebook has got a lot of engaging games. Here we are mentioning top best card games on Facebook in 2013.

1. Tongito Wars

It is a rummy card game and has its roots in Philippines. Tongits Wars is a luck based game i.e. you can change your luck based on what kind of decisions you take in the game. It allows you to have interaction with other players, apart from challenging your friends and making use of multiplayer option. Lastly, the player can customize the rules and settings of the game to suit him/her. This adds more value to this amazing game.

2. Solitaire Blitz

Solitaire is one of the very popular card games and most of us are fairly well aware of it. This game, developed by Popcap games adds more fun to the original game of solitaire by incorporating exciting features like treasure collection etc. You can challenge your friends or any other player for a match. The gaming experience is pretty smooth and without any glitches. The user interface is pretty good and all this makes it a great game to play.

3. Cartel Poker

Poker is a popular card based casino game and Cartel Poker adds more spice to it to make the gaming even more interesting. So, here the player can create his own gangster world and play with friends or any other player on Facebook. The game allows you to collect daily bonuses apart from giving you 500 free chips when you sign up as the new player. This is one game which is going to get you hooked to your computer screen.

4. Ibibo Teen Patti

Teen Patti is a playing card game which originated in India and so it is hugely popular in here. This Facebook version of game has been developed by Ibibo Web Pvt. Ltd.  And as its title suggests, it is a 3 card game. The various features of Ibibo Teen Patti include different variations, can be played in various bet rooms and of course, you can play it with your Facebook friends. The game can be played for free, but with premium option one can go for unlimited betting.

5. Solitaire Arena

This is another solitaire game which has seen good success in recent times. It is pretty much solitaire in its original avatar, but the interface and controls are very good. The simplicity of the game makes even a new player understand the nuances of the game in a very short time period. Just like the other card games mentioned above, Solitaire Arena allows the player to play with his Facebook friends or he/she can challenge any other random player on Facebook.


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