Top 5 best smartphone apps for better sleep

Do you face problems to fall asleep at night? Your smartphone can help you get some sound sleep! Discover some of the best smartphone apps for better sleep!

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock (iPhone)


By using the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock app you can wake up on the right foot. Indeed, it will trigger the alarm clock in the shallow phase of your sleep to ensure an optimal awakening.

Atmosphere (iPhone, Android)

With Atmosphere application, you can relax with 2500 sounds with relaxing tones. Ask yourself a few moments and meditate. There is nothing like falling asleep!

BreatheMate (iPhone)

Do know the 1-4-2 breathing technique? This is a breathing exercise to reduce stress and improve health. Thus, this application will guide you to perform this exercise, hold your breath and exhale, according to defined time. A good app to make you relax!

Yogi (iPhone)

With Yogi, you plunge into a true spiritual journey. The application is full of sound and video to follow to find all the best tips to relax.

Sleep As Android (Android)

As its name suggests, Sleep as Android app is reserved for Android smartphones. Just like Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock, this application will wake you up in the shallower phases of your sleep. Ideal for waking up in good shape!


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