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Cool and Innovative health gadgets to keep your health in check

Electronics have revolutionized the human life- this is a sentence you probably read in a lot of articles and we are again forced to repeat it, simple because that's a truth you just can't ignore. Electronics are something you have to use in your daily life one way or the else. Here we bring you some medical electronic gadgets which have brought a lot of relief and help to medical patients suffering from one problem or the other. Let's take a look at some of the coolest medical gadgets in the market right now:

  1. Leveraged Freedom Chair: If you have ever suffered from the disability of leg then you must be knowing how big a irritant the normal wheel chair can be. Sitting and being restricted by the limited moving capability of the chair is something which can take a long time to adapt to and if you are just temporary disabled due to an accident then this time period can be a hell of agony. Leveraged Freedom Chair is a great innovation which offers a ray of hope to such people. Developed by Continuum and MIT’s Mobility Lab, this wheelchair employs gears to offer you much better mobility allowing you to use leverage to go off road easily.

    Right now it is only available in U.S.A. but the great thing is that for every piece bough it U.S., 3 pieces are sent to developing countries where lack of sidewalks and disable friendly ramps make the life more difficult.
  2. Menstrual Cramp Relieving Compression Belt: This compression belt has been designed by a chiropractor who treats women athletes. This gadget actually works without batteries and is not an electronic gadget but is still worth of mention in our list. It has two compression pads which when adjusted correctly provide a tension on the hip muscles which help relax pelvic ligaments which become constricted during periods and thus relieve the pain without any side effects.
  3. iPhone microscope: Some researchers recently discovered that some $8 lens when placed over the iPhone 4S camera were able to discover parasitic eggs of a soil worm which are microscopic in size.
  4. Stroke Detector glasses: You might have heard of Google Glasses by now. Google is looking forward to taking the smartphones and tablets out of your hand integrating them directly into your daily accessories. In the field of medical, Johns Hopkins University has developed a glasses called the Stroke Detector glasses which are fitted with a infrared camera and a laptop connection point which use eye movements for stroke detection. Every year, a number of people get checked under the costly MRI machines for symptoms of stroke which can be simple due to some inner ear tissues. This creates a huge delay in timely detection of stroke in patients and these Stroke Glasses are an answer to all that. These are currently in developing phase and might be take some more time to be widely adopted.
  5. Robot Exoskeletons:
    Cyberdyne company of Japan have developed an exoskeleton to help the disabled and the elderly walk with ease with the support of these exoskeletons. Approved by the Govt. of Japan for safety, Hybrid Assistive Limb provide the required support to legs to walk easily and comfortably.
These are definitely some of the best cutting edge medical technologies with a promise to change the future of medical care and make the human life better.


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