Greenlight Spotlight: Black Annex review, features and highlights

Black Annex is a single player action/strategy game from Greenlight Spotlight which is a featured series on Gamezebo. Black Annex is based on corporate espionage business, sabotage and infiltration. The game is very well interesting as your role in this game is to manage a team of several skilled agents, customize their abilities and completing each missions in the business world by sending them out to it. They do various jobs like killing people, kidnapping, stealing things and so on, but the choice will always be the player's.
According to the gameplay of the mission you can make them do whatever you wish. To manage the business sides within the game, you can choose any of your agent as your persona. With the help of your persona agent, you can explore the game more freely and the business will be kept running smoothly. While the business running smoothly on one side, you can take the direct control of the agents that are being engaged with different missions.
While you dig deep you will encounter different optional task and by completing them, you can discover and take advantage of unique hidden agents. There is also an impressive feature during the missions in Black Annex, by which you can kidnap other company agents and keep them as your hostage until you reach back to Black Annex. You can then forcefully add them to your collection of agents and make them work for you. In order to breach target corporations very smoothly, you will need higher weapon system along with far better deception abilities. The weapon system as well as the deception abilities can be upgraded over time, which will help you in completing your missions.

The achievement of goals are being done in this game through the player's tactical mind. In this game 'Black Annex' for accomplishing specific mission objectives, you will be awarded with bonuses, that will boost you to play and earn more. After the completion of each missions there is an option in front of you to view the 'Debrief ' by which you will get an idea about the special task that was just completed. The game also features rebuilding a completed missions in order to collect more agents, assets and to complete any missed objectives. This offers the player a great opportunity to effectively complete each missions and will also help in improving their experiences.

 The game Black Annex has made the game much more interesting with an impressive feature by which you can complete a given mission in any number of ways that you think to be the best. One thing you need to keep in your mind before starting to be deployed, is that for the smooth working of Black Annex completely depends on money. Everything inside this game costs money and this may result the players in lacking their interest in the game. So consider the costs before starting each missions and try to save your agents from being killed, so that you can reduce the expenses and stay away from being out of pocket. Another thing that you should be focused on is the management of the resources and the funds. For a smooth running of business, you will need to be concentrating over the management of the gathered resources and funds. The actual gameplay of the Black Annex is not even mentioned in the recently launched game trailer. It is also being said that Black Annex will be out by the end of 2013. Currently there is an option on Steam Greenlight by which you can vote for the game if you really feel it in such a way that you want to throw hand on it.
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