How to play Shadow Fight game on Facebook: review and walkthrough

I can confidently say that this is the first social fighting game which is quite real. Here in this article I am going to review a fantastic fighting game named as Shadow Fight. This game surely combines both, the accessibility as well as the social cooperation of Facebook just like Mortal Kombat or Tekken. So what are we waiting for? Go through the review and then you will be surely able to enjoy this wonderful game. Here in this game you will surely find some real moves that will make you go crazy about this game.


Here in this extraordinary game you will find that the fluidity of the game is unbeatable and there is a wide variety of techniques and not only this you will also get choices in avatars, a lot of weapons to play with plus there are countless martial arts magic which will make sure that you are able to develop your own style as you will begin your battle with your friend & after so many preparation you will surely become a warrior legend.

Clarity of graphics and audio

I felt that the game is quite responsive and it is quite enjoyable, because this gameplay has got over 35 available moves. But I was little surprised to see that the minimalist presentation is beautiful as it has perfectly combined the different styles of fighting techniques. The best thing about this game is that it has got unlockable weapons and moves, so that you can enjoy an unforgettable battle with your enemies.

Tips on how to play

1. Remember that you will not get real-time multiplayer options, but will get to choose from the local play. The best thing about this game is that you are the one who is controlling everything and this is proven by the fact that you are the one who is actually going for the high knee kick or and elbow uppercut.

2. First of all get familiar with the pattern of this game and then you can start winning the matches by being the first to win two rounds, them only you will be able to continue. Good to know that some matches will be strictly unarmed match, while some of the matches will ask you to be equipped with a specific weapon and in one another type you will be free to choose any type of weapon.

3. Once you start playing this fun game, then there would be no looking back as you will be provided with tons of fighting techniques which will be ranging from the basic strikes and movements to some of the perfectly executed super strikes and as well as acrobatic movements. You will be able to unlock many of the moves by increasing your Dan level.

4. Here in this game you will be amazed to find so many different types of weapons which might range from expendable weapons like for example shurikens and kunais to many equippable weapons like batons, nunchaku and sai forks, and you will be able to find all these weapons in the game shop and plus you will also find some items that will aid you in boss fights as well. Isn't that cool and helpful in the big fight!

5. This game will allow you to fight against other players one-on-one by using different fighting techniques. One thing that makes this game different from other Facebook game is that this game will let you actually fight rather than just sending your players to fight and waiting for the result. This is one of the fact that has really made this game climb up the game chart list of Facebook action games for sure.


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