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How to play Facebook game Social Wars- review and walkthrough

Here I am going to review of one the action pack game where your duty will be to create your own military city and you have to train your troops in order to get a powerful army in the galaxy. Here in this action-game you will be able to find a lot of glorious battles and so many adventurous quests. So get ready to fight with your enemy and save your planet from them. Read on to know more.


Social Wars has got a storyline just like our bollywood movies, but with a real-time strategy (RTS) and where the city is completely war ready to face the attack from the foreign invaders. The story is that your enemies are all set to come from outer space to invade your earth and it is totally up to you to defend mankind and save the world. You really don't have to worry about the missions of the game as Social Wars’ boot camp makes sure that you are completely ready for the challenge by making you familiar with the gameplay.

Clarity of graphics and audio

Social Wars game has something in store for all of us as the game is totally fun and also lighthearted visual presentation makes it more appealing for some of gaming’s favourite franchises. The main backdrop of this game is the overly dramatic musical themes, which is nothing but hilarious. Once you start playing the game then somewhat you feel barren about the whole thing, but as you progress through the game, then you will surely enjoy the game and I am sure that the adventure of this game will be very satisfying to you. The presentation is great and adventure progression is also smooth, even the mechanics are fun and you will get a lot of content and variety.

Tips on how to play

1. The very first thing that you have to do is to begin your battle against the alien horde, and that is possible by building some necessary structures like you have to construct some base, training facilities and some more resources. Then you will be able to send your troops to the front lines, so that they are able to steal back the terra firma.

2. If you have played the game Warcraft, then you will surely notice the similarity between both games that is you will be the one to direct all your worker units so that they are able to gather necessary resources while they are busy in building the campaign against the enemy.

3. But Social Wars, do have some difference as well and that is this game follows a formula of a city building simulation, in which you will be allowed to take on the adventure at your own pace, which is really interesting for a lot of people for sure. I feel that the resource part of the game plays little role in the battlefield and I am saying this because the resources part vanishes over time, but don't worry, you will be able to use all your energy each time, so that you can execute an action in the game.

4. I feel that Social Wars is an endearing game with its own brisk pace and has also got an steady flow of entertaining missions as well. But unfortunately, the game has got some technical issues which do hold the game back from its true potential. The A.I. pathing needs to be repaired. Remember that you can select just a single unit or all units by double-clicking the mouse, but when you are doing it then you will not get any options in between.


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