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How to play Logo game on Facebook- review, tips & tricks and walkthrough

Logo Game on Facebook is one of the trending games on Facebook. It is a simple game which tests your brand consciousness by testing you on your recognising capability with company logos. Let's more ahead about its storyline and gameplay.


The Logo Game is a fun game which is consist of guessing the names of hundreds of logos from different companies. To help you in your task of identifying the logo names, you have a lot of hints which you can use to complete the game. If you are playing on Facebook then you can also ask your friends for "hints" if you don't know the answer. So if you want to see how many logos you can guess, and also compare your score with your friends, then simply play this game.

Clarity of graphics and audio

The clarity of graphics is nice. I’m not been biased towards this game, but this version of Logo Quiz has the cleanest images in the grid view and zoomed up. This is a guessing game where it is most important part that the insignias must be presented as pretty as possible, so that it will be very easy to guess the logo in the screen. So when it comes to graphic of the game, then I would love to give five out of five start to this presentable game.

Everybody knows that music isn't that important in such games where the players interaction with the game is critical, so this game has not given much importance to the music part. But yes. the placement of buttons in the game could have been better to make it more intuitive and keep the navigation around the game quick and easy. However, this game takes away the learning opportunity because it does not show the correct and incorrectly identified logos. For this games like AndroidCrowd and Alcarria are much better which clearly labels the logos which you have identified correctly and not. They do so by marking them with a tick or changing the  color shade like in Alcarria the logos are changed to grayscale which have been identified correctly. Both of these apps have not concentrated much of the audio part either.

Tips to play the game

1. In this section, I won't be able to give you a lot of tips, as it is a guessing game. So it is you who should have the knowledge of different brands and logos around the world.

2. The worst part is that this game lacks hints and tips by default, they don't provide you any hints directly and instead you have to buy them using the game currency.You get 5 level of hints for 1 logo. You can buy more of such currency by using real money to buy in game currency.

3. It might happen that the hints of the games are not that useful and you can get stuck, at such times Google is your friend. So what you can do it that you need to try and describe the logo and search for it online. The best part is that there is integration with Facebook which lets you publically ask all your friends to help identify the insignias, and by this you will get help from your friends and you may get the answers from your friends alone.

4. Even though the hints are less in number, but they are helpful clues and each logo has 5 hints. New hints are granted for correct guesses as well. You will get all the detailed statistics, best players rating, puzzles of varying difficulty and well as frequent application updates. So ultimately taking part in the “Logo Quiz” will let you find out that how many logos and products of different brands you are able to recognize. In Facebook you can also compare your answers with those of your friends and not only that you can also compete with them and check out who’s the best. So play this awesome game and get to know about different logos.


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