Six important tips for choosing best Android security apps for your smartphone

Communication devices are much vulnerable to security breaches and the popularity of Android based devices has made them a target for this unethical conduct too. Though Android based devices are less susceptible to virus attacks there is still a considerable risk of phishing or Id theft associated with them. This makes it important for you to have a security application up and running in your Android device.

Having said this; the next natural question therefore arises how to do decide which security application is best for your smartphone or Android based device. There are numerous options available but before you dwell into the considerations by jumping from one source to the other; the best way is to check out six specific elements in any Android security application being offered. For your convenience I have listed them down below:

1. Android devices are less vulnerable to virus attacks but it does not means that a breach cannot occur; ‘privacy adviser feature’ is your best buddy when it comes to determining whether all the applications downloaded and installed on your Android device are risk free or not. It advises the user as to the status and potential threats if any. So keep this fact close to your heart and a security application having this feature in your Android based device to avoid malware altogether.

2. Anti Malware engines are another important consideration for your Android devices. These have the capability to detect any malicious application that you may have intentionally downloaded or installed in your device. So if you are choosing a particular security application for your Android based device; make sure that it has the anti malware engine to enhance protection.

3. Anti-theft protection feature is very important when it comes to Android based devices. Things can get lost or stolen in New York or even in Timbuktu; this feature will ensure that your device is protected by unauthorized use and will also help recover it with the ‘tracking feature’.

4. Extra Protection from malicious websites and spamming is essential for your Android based device. When you are about to choose a security application for your Android based device than look for what extras you are getting. If the security application is offering you protection from spam mails as well as malicious websites it can be a worthwhile product to be installed on your smart phone or any other Android based device.

5. System Resources that will be used by the security application can be an important deciding factor too. If it is using less of the system resources and not entirely dependent on the RAM of the Android device; it is very much likely that it is an effective security application for your device.

6. We all love ‘Extras’ right; so with a security application you are bound to get some extra tools. Take a closer look and see what extra tools are being offered with the security application. If it has call and message filtering options or ability to create back ups or perhaps restore settings after a malware attack; it deserves a pat on the back from you.


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