Facebook game: Dungeon Rampage game review, walkthrough and how to play tips

Dungeon Rampage involves a lot of drama and will definitely make you feel that you are the supreme hero of the whole story. So let us go through the review and see what this game holds for all of us.

Forget subtly, it is the perfect time to get armed with a lot of deadly weapons which have got multiple functions and get ready to battle it out with giant fiends and save a princess or maybe two, if you are lucky enough and share your victory with all you friends.


The story of Dungeon Rampage is a bit dramatic, as I mentioned above. The story involves a girl who is seeking revenge against an evil wizard and all of his monster slaves who work for the evil wizard. The enemy have done a lot of bad stuff against her stuffed animal, so she is all set to take the revenge. I know the storyline is bit funny, but that's just the billboard of a game that involves getting rid of the evil and his slaves to free the world of many monsters while teaming up with your friends and finally reaching to the... dungeon? That's the bit of subtlety in the game but believe me that where it stops!

Clarity of graphics and audio

Dungeon Rampage game has got cartoony graphics and in addition to it, this game has a lighthearted touch to the carnage. That is not all, you will get variety of different environments as well as locales of dungeons to go to. You can also go for a low detail setting which is available in the settings area, so that you are able to increase performance if necessary. I felt that the sound effects are too loud for the player and sometime it is annoying as well. Even though it is annoying sometimes, but still it's fun to hear the animated people to cheer for you as you keep playing, as I mentioned above that you will definitely feel like a hero for sure at the end.

Tips on how to play

  1. As we all know that nothing comes for free, so you will not get much free in its freemium model, soon you will come to know that most of the best stuff will be available to you only when you are ready to pay for it by premium currency.
  2. I do feel that the controls gets little cramped mostly when you are using the keyboard, otherwise the use of the mouse is quite good. You will be enjoying this lively and straightforward fantasy action with two other players as well, who will be playing against waves of monsters with you.
  3. This game is has an advantage that it allows us to play with strangers or friends of your choice. Once you start playing the game then you will get access to plenty of loot and multiple character classes which you can unlock.
  4. Remember that most of the movements of the game are controlled with either the W-A-S-D keys or the mouse, but the response of the keyboard is not that good. You will also get three different type of weapons to play with and all of them can be mapped to other letter keys also, that depends on your choice.
  5. Remember that you with start with just one class and that is the Berzerker, which will be your standard barbarian type. The Berzerker only uses axes, hammers and heavy thrown objects and only these weapons will be the direct approach for eliminating all the enemies battling against you.


If you are looking for a game with a deep gameplay story then you are at the wrong place my friend! This game is for you if you are only interested in enjoying the blind hacking to death of any monster that comes in your way with your friends.


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