The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Review, Gameplay, features and tips to play

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Gameplay and Features

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing developed by NeocoreGames and released on May 22, 2013 is an Action RPG game where you will have to battle with violent demons. In this game you will be playing not as the legend Abraham Van Helsing, but you do play as his son who is an experienced monster hunter. You will feel extremely happy, as the game call this hunter as Van Helsing. This incredible adventure is taking place in a world of fantasy featuring magics, monsters etc. And the place is in gothic-noir which is located at the countryside of Borgova. You will also be having a lady companion who is being named as Katarina. Even though Katarina is a charming and very beautiful young lady, unfortunately she is a Victorian ghost.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Tips to play

On your way of exploring the word, you will have to face various enemies to fight with and different types of bosses to battle with. For this you will be provided with a large variety of deadly weapons that you always had dream of. While on the battle you must be very conscious and alert as your enemies are so powerful that they can rip your head off within seconds. In order to protect yourself and to defeat those monsters, you will have to attack them wisely by alternatively switching your attack modes from ranged and melee. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing features a simple but impressive control support by which you can move around using your mouse and attacking your enemy is just a click away.

The RPG system delivered by The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing game not only just focus on the hero 'Van Helsing', but the Victorian ghost 'Katarina' also has got some great powers to show you. Both of them will help you alternatively in chopping down the large army of your enemy. The game even features skill points, earning them will let you buy various things within the game. With those skill points that I mentioned above, you even can turn out the young Van Helsing according to your personality by tailoring him the suit by yourself. There is also option for boosting up various abilities that might help you fight even harder bosses. Rather than boosting your abilities alone, you can even beef up your companion, Katarina's abilities and stats with the use of the same skill points. Raising Katarina's stats features upgrading her weapon, providing armor and so on. Boosting her stats is also important as this lady can be more powerful at times that may even help you defeat the whole army of your foes. When she is participating in the combat along with your side, you can even control her by choosing how her attack should be. In short, this ghost is more than just a lady and is more helpful in doing things that our little Van Helsing could not do. The charming young lady Katarina used to transform into a revengeful spirit while during the action.

Wrap Up

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing is a great game filled with fantastic adventures exploring around the whole mysterious universe. Even though the game delivers fantastic gaming experience in the single player mode, you can even go for more entertainment by joining co-op action through online. Even the in-game maps are designed neatly delivering every single details that will help you occasionally in a clear isometric view. Even the graphics as well as the animations are being featured with very much perfection along with thrilling effects. If you are interested in this pretty adventurous game, then go out and explore the incredible universe and join the crazy battles with deadly monsters.


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