Facebook game: Murder in Provence Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

If you are looking for an adventurous and mystery solving experience, Murder in Provence is another Facebook application game embedded in a story line and riddles woven together. The levels of the game are short and you keep scoring within no time as and when you start playing the levels of your choice and unlock the riddles.


Murder in Provence is a captivating game where you move through a picturesque landscape of Southern France along with the young woman who is all set out to find her sister and gets entangled in the whole murder plot. The players are intoxicated by the hidden object scenes, get revengeful because of the provoking dialogues, the micro transactions will get you harried out while the the inviting screens are a little too taxing on the nerves as you don't get the chance to do anything but waiting for the responses to come.


Though it is a hidden object game, it isn't much elaborate, rather you find them so easy that they disappear before you are even ready for it. Numbers of objects are minimized in a listed down format in your screen. If you phase out the earlier ones, newer ones will appear. The hidden objects are quite easy to identify as they are present on your screen itself. Your score depends on how swiftly you can take them out. In most of the time, they occupy fifty percent of your screen, when you need to click on it to remove them. Once you are at the end of one scene, you earned coins commensurate with your scoreboard.

The next stage is again a short game of riddles of a very much familiar kind. You have the coins to save you if the riddles knock you down. There will be three levels of hints which makes it easy for you to move ahead. There is an option of multiple choice answers, so you can use your simple wit to guess the correct answer. Still there are options if you couldn't make it, and enter the screen again after you exit once, but that is going to try your patience as the screen will take a hell lot of time to load and your reward will also go down. Once you are back on the track, you earn energy bolts to return to the main screen and see what is in the store for you.


The four currencies that you get are the stars, energy bolts, coins and cash. It is never that hard to acquire any one of them and you can also refill them in the in-app shop. Stars are used for gaining access to new riddles, you can use the coins to reveal the hidden object scenes through buying hints for the game. By refilling Energy bolts you buy time to stay longer in your levels to play them right. The screen changes as you travel from one place to another, which may linger a bit, but that too can be shortened by spending some cash. Overall you experience a light weight game to relax while you play the Murder in Provence.


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