Fairy Tale Twist Review, Gameplay and Tips to play

Save your loved heroes by solving match-3 puzzles- this is exactly what Zynga has based the theme of its new game Fairy Tale Twist on. Fairy Tale Twist is a new match-3 game on Facebook that has its own unique and common features to other match-3 games on Facebook. Fairy Tale Twist brings to you a new addicting gameplay in a match-3 game with the aim to dig into your pockets while you are getting hooked to another one of their games.


You might see some of the match-3 puzzle games listed in the adventure category solely for the reason that they have a story behind them. However, Fairy Tale Twist has no deep story to delve in, just the basic aim to protect your comic heroes from the villain Rumpelstiltskin. If you remember, Rumpelstiltskin is the villain from the German story where a miller lies to the king that his daughter can spin straw into gold. And no, Rumpelstiltskin here does not kidnap any princess which you have to protect, all he aims to is sabotage the world by taking its heroes.

To protect the innocent and cute characters of fairy tales like the Little Red Riding Hood, you need to transverse a storybook map by solving match-3 puzzles for each next step on the map. As simple or common these games might be, they still have the quality to get the players hooked to the game with a cute graphics, nice sound effects, challenging and continuously leveling gameplay and some cool power-ups. This is the same with Fairy Tale Twist, it has cute graphics which make the use of power ups a fun experience, colorful maps, famous characters and its own uniqueness in the gameplay which is used to attract a lot of young players.


In Fairy Tale Twist, focus has been given on having a dynamic gameplay so that users don't get used and bored with the gameplay. Each set up in its colorful map has a dynamic match-3 setting. In addition to the common match-3 or above candy matching gameplay and removal of obstructions, Fairy Tale Twist has for uniqueness added the a few features like waking the sleeping bird and freeing up the trapped ladybugs. You might not find it attracting while reading this review, but trust me when you actually get down to playing the games, these little things are which keep you hooked to the game.

Other times adding dynamics to game are the little clouds and whirlwinds which rotate the icons around them therefore continuously changing the game set up and keeping the challenge alive during the whole gameplay. As you go on leveling up, these and the dynamic maps offer you enough challenge in the game to give you sometime to burn your mind off.

Of course, as you might be thinking about the other side of the coin, in case the game is getting to difficult for you to win rather than interesting, you can always use the in game currency, the emeralds which are earned in the game or can be bought which hard currency. The emeralds can be used to buy power ups or more moves.

Wrap up

Like most of the Zynga games, Fairy Tale Twist is a social game to give you a nice time with match-3 gameplay. But it also has another similarity of Zynga games, they are all designed in such a way that you get too frustrated with difficulty in the higher levels and the only option that remains in front of you is to either buy the in game currency using hard cash or just quite the game. Would you really like to pay $80 for 1000 is a decision that's completely up to you but we all know how many people do actually like that.

Fairy Tale Twist is a high recommended game for every match-3 puzzle game lover. Play this game until you start getting stuck with high difficulty levels and then make the decision if the game is really that good enough that you would want to spend hard cash on it or not.


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