Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller, Episode 4 Review, Gameplay and Tips to play

An addition to the first three episodes of the thrilling puzzler, Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller has been launched. To share the experience, I must say, it has really added a lot of flavours to the style, scope and thrill. So, why not experience it yourself? But if you are too skeptical, you can have a peep at what it has it in store.


Whether you are familiar with the earlier versions, or just a newcomer in its on-going episodes, The Cain Killer has the same gaming strategy involving conversation along with thee visuals and the sound tracks, which are interactive with your choice of words. There is this ghost conversation icon that appears down at the right corner of your screen if you can strike the conversation well, and if not, the icon will disappear. There are still more characters who will respond to your choice of words, very much as your real friends.
The story of The Cain Killer is based on the extra-terrestrial as Cordelia and Erica with their special powers they use to sort out the problems they are surrounded with. In the mid-game puzzle, there is a hint system which indicates at the exit door, but you can skip a puzzle stage if you aren’t that much engulfed with the story line.

Once you are in the game, you will find Erica hides her identity, though her boss permits her to ask three out of five possible questions regarding the job, if time is falling too short for all of them. This will consequentially leave the story with lack of information. That can be a reason why she might get killed over and over till the player gets along with the game sequence.

Cognition: an Erica Reed Thriller, Episode 4 can amuse you with its visuals. The characters move, float and walk and they will stop at a particular spot while walking and look back at you. You might find yourself zapped up when you’ll be trespassing a point in the game and wouldn't be allowed to do so any   further, though you’ll be very much within that prohibited zone.


The technical side of the Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller, Episode 4 may not be carrying with it that level of satisfaction which we are looking for, but overall the game is quite pleasure to meddle with. The Developer is the Phoenix Online Studios, the founder of Sierra Online. The game does need more matured line of thought and approach as the target audience isn't going to be below teenagers and they have been already exposed to better technical juggling and more intriguing gaming style. The story line and the way of its revelation could be more refined and sophisticated. The game still does have enormous scope to upgrade itself, if it is looking ahead to place itself in the first row of suspense-thriller games. The characterization is flawless, as Erica is a wonderful adventurer and her companions do suit her style and you’ll find a merry time just talking to them with your own conversation skills.


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