Facebook game: Kitchen Scramble review, features and tips to play

We all are looking for a change of taste every day, and Facebook brought to us this game with a different taste, calling it Kitchen Scramble. It’s all about time-management moving around a woman entrepreneur offering a variety of dishes in her menu from her food vehicle.


We find Mr Pepper Mills who is the cook cum driver in the game and doesn't initially believe or encourage the young woman to follow her ambition of serving high quality lip smacking food to the mass. There is this friend Candace who turns out to be her competitor as she has the business of her own serving wads and processed food. The female protagonist wasn't getting her initial push to start till Chef Crisp came into the picture. He gave her the idea of running the business on wheels rather than restricting herself in a particular place. Now even Pepper agreed to join hands.


Along with Chef Crisp you get to see and know several dishes like Molassessippi, Waffleton and Pittsburger. You meet all the hungry folks in every level of each city. The Kitchen Scramble resembles a lot here with Diner Dash. You are relieved from the petty cleaning job, and that makes it easier to score high with the focus on the single job of serving the masses.

It may sound an easy game, as it allows you a smooth landing with lesser diversions. The first few customers are less demanding and will ask only for simpler dishes like baked potatoes or fried eggs. Later, you get time to unlock other more recipes and their innards. As you move forward towards more and more complex dishes, you become an expert cook and an expert player as well.

The trick of the game lies in the time that you take to serve them their orders. The more you make them wait, your score goes down, along with the patience of your customers. What next is, you need to guess the type of food the customer can ask for if you want to utilize the grace period and prepare yourself with the ingredients. Customers can be a reporter, a trucker or a student who may like salads, fried food or potato-dishes, according to their identities. You lose the game, if you guess it wrong and waste food and time. The advantage that you will be given is that, the customers will give you some time before they put an order. Within that time limit, you have to be done with your planning, acquiring, making them ready for use and before all of them, guess it right.


If you have already played food-games before, Kitchen Scramble may not surprise you. But definitely you get to see nice visuals and places, learn to manage time and become a virtual cook. But for all these you need to be ready to pay for receiving more energy to play and win.

Kitchen Scramble is a favorite must play game for food lovers with same taste, otherwise it is quite likely to lose your patience and give up the game before it takes off to the next level.


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