Facebook game: Treasure Epic Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

Another tile-matching game which can win your heart in Facebook is Treasure Epic. You must have experienced Treasure hunting before, but Treasure Epic does have some hidden surprises which you can’t afford to miss out. But the game isn't meant for the free loaders, you need to shell out your own treasures to gain them more.


The game plan revolves around three women of different generations but having the same spirit of adventure. There is a grandma, a mom and her girl child in the scenario who all are well known treasure hunters. All of them are successful in adding up bonus of their own and none of them is less competitive.
Treasure Epic has maintained its simplicity like any other tile-matching game and you don’t need to strain your fingers while playing it.

Your score board is dependent on how fast you can click the neighboring blocks of the same colour and make them disappear. You can score a combo if you can vanish multiple blocks together. This will lead you the way close to win a treasure as all you have to do is build your scoreboard high. Of course there are ordinary winners and extraordinary too, and there everyone would look for the best to happen.

The game moves ahead in each level as you keep clearing out a minimum number of blocks and push them down to the screen to claim your treasure. There lies the trick, where some odd blocks keep accumulating before you notice them. Sometimes such blocks too contain some treasures along.

When you almost start feeling trapped in, you can start using the individual power-ups, which you can buy with your game coins. These power-ups will clear up rows of blocks all at once. Each player has her own set of power-ups with a special kind of action. It is almost like a warrior in the war field with his special weaponry.

Though you find Treasure Epic very familiar and easy to play, it engrosses you and won’t leave you the screen, till you don’t win the last level. Though apparently easy, Treasure epic uses that as a trap with an intriguing design. There’s no energy spending though, but you might have to shell out some farthings, if you lose. You don’t have any other option than paying to save a life at that point.


Treasure Epic has overall a win-win game image with an overall enticing quality. The color blocks aren't loud and characters also are quite decently portrayed. You get to listen to good music and get to see decent visuals. It has an ethnic touch with a fairy tale look. There is nothing new to expect though, it gives you a fresh experience with another tile-matching game.

All your skill-set are required to be poured in, in the later stages, when you have already been nicely dragged in and can’t just leave the game in between. Treasure Epic will remind you the Candy Crush Saga, which you might have played several times in previous days.


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