Lost Planet 3 Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

In the Action genre game series, Lost Planet 3 brings about the most thrilling experience that most players would be waiting for.  It is all about the historical times of colonialism in the planet E.D.N III apprehending its impending disaster. The players have no other choice other than getting prepared for untoward situations. This time the game has reached the extremity of getting tough, more than any other numbers of the series. The developers from Capcom had been generous enough to provide a wide range of gameplay actions for the individual players. The modes are huge in number clubbed with a high intensity action based field of experience. You are there to explore the mystery beyond the mystic background of E.D.N. III in Lost Planet 3.


The plot of Lost Planet 3 evolves around the story of a rig pilot Jim. He is on a challenging contract to take off from Earth and land on the planet E.D.N. III to work on a Construction Project of Neo-Venus (NEVEC). NEVEC is facing the problem of low Thermal Energy and the future of Coronis is entirely dependent on the supply of the natural source. To win a fortune and return home, Jim got into this tricky and dangerous assignment of entering the precarious and life-threatening surroundings from the natives of Akrid. It is all now a game of being at ease with the rig’s accessories to carry out with the project as well as protecting himself from the continuous influx of the tricky environment and situations.

The tricks of the game of Lost Planet 3, is in its smooth combination of playing with the guns on foot and an individual battle in the rig. The Unreal Engine 3 has developed the game with unforgettable visual support with an awesome landscape. The Akrid now are larger in size with more equipped weaponries demanding finer technical expertise to fight with them.

It is not only a simple fight that the Lost Planet 3 has it in its store. There are innumerous hidden secrets that Jim needs to reveal during his stay on the planet while he is in search for the T-Energy. The game is loaded with multiplayer modes that give the players an extra sense of security to combat against the killer enemies.
If you have already played the earlier versions of Lost Planet, this version will take you back to its roots where the battle field has been enriched with more dynamic options in the artistic background of E.D.N. III. The risks and dangers are never like before. While you identify yourself with a blue collared Jim, you feel the urgency to fight the odds and defend yourself to the last point without any compromise to get the way back to home. It is all up to you how to pick the trick of using the tools of the rig and maximise their abilities to learn the art of survival.


The Lost Planet 3 targets an audience of the Teens and players of higher age group as the violence involved isn’t too light. The visuals give real stunning moments along with the advance multiplayer modes. It is a must play game for the action-lovers and those who want to fight a virtual battle in the outer planets.


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