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Bush Whacker 2 Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

Bush Whacker as the name says is all about collecting items below the bushes. Doesn't sound much exciting, does it? But wait! There'a a lot of gameplay here of which cutting the bushes is just the base. If not for the limiting energy, this game would surely take up a lot of your time with its addictive gameplay.

Bush Whacker 2 is somewhat similar to Legend of Zelda where the bush running concept was probably incubated. Anyhow, Bush Whacker 2 has brought out the concept nicely with its cute, charming and sometimes illogical gameplay. In Bush Whacker 2 you play the character of a sea faring hero who is in the pursuit of some pirates who have kidnapped a queen. You get stuck in a storm and your ship gets drifted to an island with a huge weed problem. To move ahead in the game you have to make your way through the weed by cutting it as fast as possible.


You are equipped with a sword that is used more in clearing your path than giving your enemies a bad time. As you progress in the game cutting the bushes, you will earn prizes and other items. However, the main thing here are the puzzles pieces that you uncover by removing the bushes. When you have gather sufficient number of puzzle pieces you have to solve them to proceed to the next level of the game.

Keeping on cutting bushes can get a bit monotonous but Bush Whacker 2 offers some great features to not get your interest down. There is a button in the game which will storm you through an area cutting down all the bush in the path. Similarly, when you have gather sufficient mana you can use a lightening feature which will remove all the bush visible on your screen.

Even with these features, cutting down bushes and solving puzzles might get a bit tiresome. However, the repetitiveness didn't seem to dawn on us probably due the familiarity with game after some time of playing it and also due to the soothing music played in the background of the game. There are loads of cute and humor filled scenes in the game to keep you relaxed.

All is well in Bush Whacker 2 game except for its energy system which seems highly insufficient. Every sword strike whether on bush or enemy takes one or more unit of energy. Being a free to play game, you are limited to wait for the energy bar to replenish  or pay if you want to. Your energy bar grows as you level up but it is not sufficient to keep up with the energy expenditure. It is not difficult to spend your 100 units of energy within 5 minutes.

Wrap up

It is usual to have energy systems in free Facebook games but it feels highly restrictive in adventure games where you would rather prefer to get lost in the game world to face the unknown enemies and roadblocks. Bush Whacker 2 energy system feels more restrictive than any other game I have played since  the past few years on Facebook.

Bush Whacker 2 is an amazing game but pair it with its energy system and you get more frustration at being restricted when you were just starting to get lost in the game. Its free so you should definitely give it a try but you can probably use that adventure tinge you get during the game in the real world to do some real work. 


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