Goodbye Deponia Review, Gameplay and Storyline

Do you remember Chaos on Deponia? If yes, you can catch its next phase in Goodbye Deponia. If you are new to the series of Deponia, then Goodbye Deponia will take you to the make-belief world, where you are encircled with a group of heroic icons who are all set to save Deponia from its destruction. The one who is behind all this conspiracy is Organon and his people from Elysium. You are here to play this point and click game and save Deponia with the help of the four protagonists Rufus, Doc, Goal and Bozo.


Goodbye Deponia starts with a its heroes remembering the history of Deponia as a disguised prelude to inform the players about the Deponia series. There is another character who indirectly does the work of teaching the methods of the game, and that is Rufus's ex-girlfriend Toni. Though some of us may find it unnecessary, it does a good job to the new players and also makes the people of Deponia aware of the events ahead. Playing the role of Rufus, you have to keep asking questions to goal about the earlier events which will keep you in touch with the storyline. From that Rufus has the unsaid task to solve each and every problem whichever comes into the way. Keep collecting items and increase your conversation with people, but finally the puzzle lies where in you need to know where to use those items and when. Though apparently you are all alone to solve this puzzle, there are Dialogue trees which can come to your rescue with very minute clues. In the later phase of the game, Rufus successfully makes his own clones, and now with two more Rufus, problems that were appearing to be huge get solved at one go.

Characters of Goodbye Deponia are full of verbosity and colourful shades. They will keep you entertained throughout the game with hilarious humour and intriguing storytelling. The animations are slippery smooth with enchanting voice overs. The soundtrack suits the entire gamut and overall Goodbye Deponia keeps up your expectations with puzzles and surprises that you would expect in any point and click game.
Explore Elysium and Deponia, share the space and time in the virtual reality of Goodbye Deponia that brings about the freshness and wonder that you could never forget.

Wrap up

If you are up to find fault with it, there also you will not be kept empty-handed. Well along with good strokes of game plans and visual, auditory backgrounds, Goodbye Deponia falls short of the technical perfection, when it shows too many cut scenes and it really gets on your nerves, when you are breathtakingly waiting for the next chance. It also hampers the story and overall presentation.

But apart from this, Goodbye Deponia keeps you on your toe till the end, and its humour boosts up your energy level, when you need it at bad times. The other factor which might hammer any player is the logic system with which Goodbye Deponia works. Almost everybody may want some things to be changed and repaired there.

At the end point you come to realize that more than the climax, you have enjoyed the game through its nooks and corners.


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