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Haunted House Mysteries Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

Watch out at your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet there is a new mystery waiting for you to solve. Haunted House Mysteries is the latest hidden object game that is now in the store. Designed for iPad application, the game doesn't perform its best if you choose to play in other platforms.


Among several hidden object game adventures, Haunted House Mysteries strikes a difference with a mind-wrenching tragic start. There was one famous archaeologist who gets killed along with his family for the sake of a valuable relic, which has been restored in his house. The mystery of the Haunted House reveals itself when a young research student Nancy visits that New England house for writing a thesis on ‘modern-day superstition’. She was called there by her aunt, who apparently called her to spend her  holidays, but in due course of time, Nancy could figure out, that she wanted her to help her solve the mystery behind the supernatural incidents happening in the house.

The setting of the in-house atmosphere and decoration is of the Victorian age which suits perfectly with the contemporary music played in the game. The two protagonists, Nancy Evans and her aunt Mary Allen are quite charming and prompt in their appearance and the background of different scenes is rich in artistic skills.
The game is all about the hints that the supernatural beings are passing on to Nancy to bring in to the light, the history of the house. There are detailed rituals through which the two worlds are trying to communicate. The player has to play the role of Nancy and find out the hidden objects in the house and solve the challenging puzzles that come in the way of the investigation. As a helping hint, there is a halo that shines whenever you are looking out for the objects. In advanced stage of the mini-games, you will be allowed to skip to solve a puzzle.


If you look at the Haunted House Mysteries, it would appear as one of the best-looking games in the hidden-object genre played on an iPad, but there are loads of issues that needs to be corrected and upgraded. The gameplay and controls doesn't match the criteria of the game. Some controls do not respond at the correct time, and you may lose out on points because of these technical faults. The screen takes too much time to load, and it becomes a test for your patience, if you want to reach the endpoint of the game. The navigation tool seems to behave awkwardly and you are at dismay whether it gives you the correct direction, when you need it badly. There is no fast-travel map which could make the route easier for the players. Above all, it gets really irritating if you need to keep looking at the load screen whenever there is a change of location in the game.

The other drawback in the game is the visibility factor. Though well designed, the visual doesn't allow things to appear clean and clear. With such technical flaws, the game itself becomes a challenge for the players.

Overall, Haunted House Mysteries does give you nice moments of excitement and mysterious challenges which you might want to experience by spending a good amount from your pocket.


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