Soundodger+ game Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

If you want to experience the phrase “Dancing to the tune”, you need to play the latest rhythm genre game, Soundodger. It is almost an online dance through your computer controls responding to the Sound of Music. It is a game to control your mind and don’t let your mind get carried away by the mesmerizing music, but keep dodging the virtual attacks by the game that comes along with it.

The Game Plan:
Soundodger is a game that plays with soundtracks accompanied by different shapes that occupy the screen aimed at the player. The game is trying to dodge those virtual attacks by those shapes along with the different beats that will keep playing at the background.

There are bullets, homing missiles, projectiles and giant spheres which will come across you in a fast paced rhythm following the soundtrack. You miss the game and lose the point, if you fail, to dodge and stop moving ahead.

The challenge that apparently looks easy changes its colours when you actually get inside the game. Though there’s no way that you get terminated in a level, scoring to the next level is surprisingly difficult. As the songs get complicated, the tougher it gets to score high.

The scoring system isn't that common that we get to see in similar game genres. Instead of points, it shows you score in percentage that fluctuates according to the number of hits that the player gets and those which he could dodge. But the scoreboard is generally tend to go down as the songs pick up more pace and the bullets are pushed away from the field so that  there will be no consequent hits. The tough gets tougher when the bullets keep rewinding quite often get and pause with the soundtrack. This might disappoint a player as it gives a sense of repetition and sometimes injustice.

At this juncture, there is some encouragement kept in the store for the players. As new tracks can be unleashed by the score, one can choose an easier song to gear up his score. The most intriguing part is, that each and every track will consist of an “advanced” stage which would appear as and when the levels of the game goes high and challenges become tougher with fun, that will hurry up the process of recovering from a bad score.

Wrap up:
In the genre of rhythm, Soundodger has striking features with melodious sound tracks, excellent visuals and a unique gaming style in each level. Even though we get hit by tougher songs, there is scope to sail further ahead. The scoring scheme may seem troublesome at the first instance, but once you get set with the keys, you can’t come out without reaching the endpoint.

At the end, Soundodger could be rated high because of its unbeatable game style, attractive music and challenging levels. But it really makes you feel contended, as each and every level gives you a unique experience with a whole new set of soundtrack and targets.


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