The Stanley Parable: HD Remix Review, Gameplay and Storyline

Boost up your adventure spirit with the latest Adventure Genre video game The Stanley Parable: HD Remix ideal for your iPhone or PC. Interact as a first person narrator and share an exquisite experience of being a part of a thrilling story. Feel its twists and turns as a real-life experience. Face the challenges that will test your skills to win.


Once you are looking for a video game, you’ll least expect a drab scenario of a grey office cubicle with a man sitting at his work with his back towards the screen. And to your utter surprise, it will be YOU, role-playing the character of Stanley, a mundane clerk who is committed in typing commands throughout his day. His life gets a surprise turn, when in a fine day, he finds himself all alone in the office. But he finds a compassionate narrator guiding him to explore his office.

The narrator has a lively and charming script ready with him, which keeps telling you what has to be done. It interacts with you in various moods, and in no time, you may feel him quite interfering and dominating. However you try to be adamant and disobedient, the game will finally make you realize that rather than you controlling the game, it is the other way round that is happening to you. You are lost in the puzzle of the office floor finding your way to exit, but each time when you reach the probable end, you get a frustrating note, that “the end is never the end”. You fall in the trap again and find no other way but to start the game once again. Till you win, The Stanley Parable will keep you dance into its tune and keep playing along.

The striking element that makes The Stanley Parable different from its competitors is how with only a few environment and options, the game leads to a row of results and consequences. Even with the identical moves from your side, you get totally different reactions and results.

So there’s no point in being disobedient if you are playing The Stanley Parable. On the contrary, do what the Narrator says, be a docile player, you have the chance to get a surprise message from an arch achievement pop up, saying “beating the game”.


Playing The Stanley Parable is no doubt a complete experience of fun and unpredictable consequences. It combines a narration with different strokes of humour, monotony, puzzle and challenges. Moreover some of these would be done to you at your cost. What makes The Stanley Parable different is multiple in numbers. The visuals, the plot and the environments, everything puts up an unusual and unique design which can never get confused with other games of the same genre.

There are many moments of the game which turns out to be unforgettable, as for instance, in one of the sequences, there is a prolonged humour done by demonstrating a parody of generally seen video games. Throughout the game you will come across such awesome thematic surprises and this way The Stanley Parable remains in mind as a must play game with almost no comparison in the market.


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