Don't Shoot Yourself! Review, Gameplay and Pros and Cons

Shoot out with all your strength and fight till the end. But beware; the bullets shouldn’t come back as a boomerang. In classic genre of games, we all have seen players dealing with the firings that run continuously and he needs to make his way through that incredible scenario. But it goes all different when the culprit behind the showering of bullets is none other but thee player himself. That is the twist in the latest launched game Don’t Shoot Yourself!


You are not in heaven, but in a hell of bullets you created for yourself. To survive, don’t stop anywhere and don’t change your mind. Till the mission is over you don’t have any other option left for you, but to keep the firing spirit on, till time decides a recess for you.

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to cross 50 levels of challenges through which you have to prove your survival strategies. You will be surrounded by unknown portals, narrow boundaries, different shapes and sizes of bullets. Even though they are in an attacking mode, it will be unquestionably intriguing.

Well, that is not all. Don’t Shoot Yourself! has in its game plan still more tricky turns. There will be endless bullets and you are their target. But the fun is that not all of them will have the hurting effect on you. Now you have the task to identify which of them are hurting and which are not. Remember the hit the box and detect them in the earlier classic games? This might seem as similar to that trend but if you are new to this genre, you need to make use of your hand quite well.

If you are worried about the controls, then there is that much of assurance that there is no encroachment of the controls in the play area. So the comfort level of each working separately makes the game a really pleasant experience.

An extra feature that is worth mentioning here is that there is a virtual joystick available free of cost which contain full screen levels and the visuals will make you keep staring at them for a while. But it has to be grabbed before you lose the chance.

The soundtrack of Don’t Shoot Yourself may not have a stunning effect. But certainly it is the perfect match for the game. It keeps the mind refreshed and running with the speed of the game. At the same time it keeps in mind about the grim situation that bullets aren’t something to make fun of. The visuals make the game feel like a real life experience and they will keep haunting you even after the game is over.

Wrap up

Don’t Shoot Yourself has all the known features of the bullet hell genre, but the game plan, the twists and turns make the game a little bit closer to the number eating games like the classic Snake. So it is an experience that gives you the joy of two worlds with a unique gaming experience.

Pros: Ideal for newbies with simple but supportive visuals and soundtrack. You can also share the replay.

Cons: At times becomes too tricky with the bullets.

Ratings: 8 stars out of 10


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