Juice Cubes Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

Remember doing match the following in the junior school classes? Now it will bring you loads of fun in your gaming screen if you play Juice Cubes, introduced by Pocket Paylab and Rovio Stars. It is a free to play game in the genre of match-three games. The game will be as simple as drawing lines to match the icons, but preferably not changing their places.  


To match the icons in Juice Cubes, you have to solve some unique problems that will be posed in each level, and by doing these you are saving a race of inhabitants in a chain of islands. They are various in kinds; some are pirates, some are intelligent hermit crabs, giant octopi and so on. Your task is to match the three common icons and draw lines in between before you move on to the next level. That is the only way you can solve the problems and build up your scoreboard.

For a tasty treat for yourself join the juicy fruits displayed on the screen like apples, bananas, strawberries and coconuts. Once you can match three or more of the same category it will blow and those which are yet to be done will make a queue at the bottom of the screen. If you are looking for automatic match making, as you must have done in Candy Crush, you will be turned down. So there’s no use for awaiting a random-chain explosion to be gained in Juice Cubes.

To compensate there are these fruit bombs which are actually the power-ups. Match at least four or more icons, to grab them. There are quite a number of fruit bombs available in different kinds. Depending upon the direction of matching you choose, the kind of fruit bombs changes. For instance you can go up and down, move diagonally or join them side by side.
By matching eight or more at a time, you get the type of fruit bomb that will take away all the icons of the same category. For matching the icons up and down or side by side you get fruit bombs that vacate an entire row of juicy fruits. If you can do it diagonally, you clear up a three by three area in the board. Try to match things of different kinds, and watch the difference.

But what is in a game, if you can’t play mischief? So Juice Cubes isn't gong that dry.  It allows you to unlock special power-ups and swap two abutting fruits. To make it still unfair, take out the one which is the culprit. But if you wanna all these, pay for it. Get yourself the in game gold packs ranging from $1.99 for a pack of 15 to $99.99 for a pack of 1200. To explore more in the site, pay more.


To get the real taste of Juice Cubes, you have no other choice but go for it. Visuals and soundtracks of the game will match the price for sure and you get to have a playful gaming experience.

Unique game plan.  Wonderful visuals with vibrant and colourful graphics.  Enchanting music.
Stereotype goals and no trial options for buying power-ups.


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