Dragon Mania Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

Wanna participate in that dreadful fight? Don’t worry you have a battalion of dragons whom you have taken care from their prenatal stage. Now they are obliged to fight for you. Install Dragon Mania on your system and press the start button. It is Gameloft’s ‘slow but steady’ approach to gate-crash the simulating combat genre in the gaming world, most probably to compete against Clash of Clans. Its combat sections will not allow you to take any break until you are done with it. To keep pace with those action-packed scenes, you must have the best of the dragons listed in your crew. Take a close look at the dragons and choose the best from the lot.


In Dragon Mania, you will be busy parenting a number of dragons right from its formative stage. You have to buy dragon eggs to be hatched and take good care of them since then. It is almost like running a poultry farm, where you will get to hear sounds of roaring dragons instead of chirping chicks. But your duty doesn’t end here. You will be doing all these to pursue the mission of training up these dragons to fight against the brutal force of the Vikings. It needs a lot of attention to keep their food storage always full to bring them up strong and healthy.

You can choose the quests from the left bar to proceed ahead towards your goal. There are many options which allows easy to difficult tasks while providing you with in-game currencies. Overall you have a number of 50 dragons to raise them into able-bodied fighters. Naturally to make the task light you need some help. For that you can breed up dragon dens and get new dragons to make.

The battle sequence invites your active participation. You start with choosing the best crew of fighters and tapping the paw-like icon which will activate the moving arrows appearing vertically on the screen. To stop them you have to tap the paw. The red, yellow and green space bars are symbols of the type of attacks. Once you are ready with the fighter dragon you go for the yellow or green taps for the deadliest attacks. Each dragon has a unique power of damaging the enemies. Here the five elements of nature will also work as the logical sequence. Like water will be working against fire and fire will be enhanced by air. You have the options to choose from 12 different types of dragons where the permutation combination will raise up the gear of fighting spirit to an ecstatic state.

If you have shortage of time, the in-game currencies can come to your help.  You can use the coins to upgrade your existing building or buy off new ones. It can also get you dragon eggs, battle tools etc. To avoid waiting and speed up your game, gems are the only options.


The gaming mechanism though doesn’t match the level of the game-plan, it doesn’t become that much of a hindrance either. The excitement and fun loaded in Dragon Mania don’t take much effort to make you forget the small technical hiccups.


Players can actively participate in combat scenes.

Gaming interface aren’t up to the mark.


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