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Top / Best online food ordering websites in India

Be it a student or a hard working professional, man or a woman, a kid or an adult; all of us want tasty food to satisfy our appetite, isn't it? In India there is a saying that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. So it's becomes obvious that people spend a major portion of their earnings on food and won't even think twice to spend some more if they can get even better tasting food. With many purchases now happening online, you surely want some good sites where you can order delicious food for yourself online too. So without further ado, let's go to our listing of the best online food ordering sites and directories. is one of the best directories of restaurants who take online orders for food. You just need to select the location you are presently in and it will give you the list of the restaurants making delivery in that region with the link to page of individual restaurants where you can make the online order. Other features of this service are:
  1. Live online support
  2. Secure online payments
  3. Apps available for famous platforms
  4. 100% service guarentee
  5. Listing of trending restaurants, trending food items, new restaurants and popular cuisines
  6. Discounts for first time customers and many other deals for individual restaurants is part of an international food chain They are also a directory of major restaurants in and around you place. Go on their websites, select your location, see the restaurants doing delivery in your area, check out the deals, trending restaurants and food and make your order. Both cash of delivery and prepaid payments are available according to the individual policies of the area.

Foodpanda too have their app available for Apple and Android devices. You can also subscribe to email newsletter for lip smacking food deals. is giving services in four major cities right now- Delhi, NCR, Pune, Mumbai and Banglore. For the restaurant owners they are offering paid listings to get highlighted in the listing as well as normal listing. They have directory listing as well the normal search feature with which you can search for restaurants near your location, any particular dish if you are searching for one or even seat bookings if you would like to go out yourself.
They too support online payments as well as cash on delivery for some restaurants.

OyeChotu seems to built upon innovation. Expect for the directory listing and online order of food items, you can even select your type of dish from the menu given on the website. A few items highlighted on the menu are: Ready to Eat, Unique foods, Savouries (Namkeen), Sweets (Mithai) etc.

OyeChotu brand is an international one. Some other unique features that they offers are:
  1. Credit points
  2. Testimonials
  3. Season's special
  4. Causes they support
A specialty you would fin on their website is that they show you the rates for exact amount of food you would be getting in delivery. For me it was quite shocking to see that I get only 0.1kg of Bombay Masala Sandwich after spending 100 INR. Just weight roughly the food items you get in restaurants and you would understand the value of food!

BigBite too right now has its presence only in the Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Greater Noida and Delhi. With a 10 man team the company has not been able to expand much out of the metro cities. The restaurant directory is limited with support of online payment. caters to both individuals to corporates by connecting them to their local eateries by way of internet. With a lot of options from fast food to breakfast, lunch and dinner; serves them all. They also run a blog where you can read some interesting trivia or experiences with food items. They run a game called "Food Wars" where you earn credits by sharing what you have done for food. There are more than 600 eateries in their directory with COD and online payment mode supported. provides services in Indore, Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad. Their site gives an impression of primary focus on healthy food. Their is a separate section for desserts and cakes which does seem mouth watering by the way. You can browse the directory by brands or by your location.


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