Vikings Gone Wild Review, Gameplay and Pros & Cons

Those players who have been looking for a Clash of Clans fix on Facebook now would be able to play Vikings Gone Wild from their Everyday iPlay. This game is all about seeing its players taking control of their own village of Vikings, engage themselves in the recruitment programs of the troops and preparing them to march ahead for the ferocious battle against their rival clans. The game reminds you of the Supercell’s Clash of Clans when you see its overall game plan and also in few of its interface designs listed in the menu bar.


You get to start the game in a small village, producing beer in factories. You would be using this beer further in the game for making Viking warriors. There will be a range of warriors categorized according to their special skills. Those who would be appearing first are Warriors, Archers, Bear riders and Wall breakers. To recruit Vikings with stronger power, you have to get more beer to recruit. But in Vikings Gone Wild players are allowed to store only a limited amount of beer, which will be introducing an upgrading system to the structure of the game.

But before upgrading the storage system of the game, players may have to upgrade their town hall. Keep in mind that a larger town hall will always give you the access to larger recruitment farms, homes and buildings. You would be engulfed in a cycle of development that can be done faster by spending on a premium currency and at times some real bucks from your wallet.

There are more restrictions that you have to deal with in Vikings Gone Wild. Here players can take only a limited number of Vikings for the battle, and hence can choose the number of troops to be finally deployed onto the war field. Troops will keep attacking automatically, following on the particular item that is nearest to them.

In Vikings Gone Wild players can earn rewards for each time they succeed. Quests which are available in plenty will keep guiding the players through the battles fought and also through the particular tasks and bring them back to the starting point.

As a social media game, Vikings Gone Wild has incorporated an in-game chat system where it encourages players to join community of players and look up for additional content to be enjoyed in thee game.4


Released in late August 2013, Vikings Gone Wild has been engaging 126,000 active players playing in each month on Facebook. As a Free-To- Play game on Facebook, Vikings Gone Wild is going viral on the net and if you have yet to play it, better not allow time to sweep off the chance to experience the wonderful game with full of innovative activities. The game is using illustrative visuals that create a world of fantasy and its automatic combat system makes the game less stressful.

Innovative game plan with loads of fun activities.
Waiting time for upgrading buildings may turn off few players.
7 out of 10


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