Uconomix uMark Watermark Software Review and Features

uMark Professional is launched by a Uconomix Technologies Private Limited in this year which has wooed the market with its easy-to-use yet powerful application that is perfectly designed for the protection of your digital property copyright especially images through adding watermarks. Though a professional tool, uMark will surprise you with its simplicity and transparency. Developed on a sound technical background, uMark looks attractive and intuitive. It has freed a vast sector of people including professionals like photographers, SEO folks, writers, bloggers and non-professionals from botheration of copyright issues and from the unnecessary dangers of being exploited online just because of sharing their content online.


Using uMark Watermark Software gives you the benefit of using its exciting features like:

Adding texts and images watermarks:

Keep adding your name or create a copyright notice and tag them along with symbols like © £ ¥ ® or insert your logo as watermarks on your digital properties like photos and other documents.

Give Shapes and QR Codes:

There are various types of shapes availablein uMark, and then you can fill them with solid colours or with gradients. In addition to them use QR codes as watermark on your images.

Batch Watermark:

uMark allows you to watermark hundreds of images in one go. You can add watermarks to numerous images in minutes with a single click of a tab.

Fully customized watermarks:

uMark lets you choose the font, style and colour of your watermarks. Set your own choice of transparency level, for better look create shadow effects or rotate your watermarks to your taste.

Live Preview Option:

View the real time preview in uMark of your watermark exactly where you have placed your watermarks so that you get the correct output. This way you come to know the final look beforehand.

Saving watermarks:

Once you create your perfect watermark, you can save it for further usage. This will enable your next batch of Watermarking within seconds where you won’t have to start from the beginning.

Multi-Platform Support:

uMark Watermarking software works with both Windows PC or a Mac.

Multi Lingual Support:

uMark communicates in eight languages - English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, and Portuguese. With uMark you can speak your language.

Tiling for maximum protection

Create and use tiles in your watermark to use them horizontally or vertically or even both in order to spread over the entire photo leaving no part of the image open for any misuse.

Adding EXIF and other metadata:

For advanced documentation and authenticity, insert a date stamp with the EXIF watermark option. Go ahead to add up your camera information or any other technical details as your own watermark authorization. It may be a name, a description or tag line, the location or information like size or DPI in the watermarks.

Elastic Placing of watermarks

There are nine pre-defined spots to place your watermark in an image file in uMark watermarking software. But you can also choose your own favourite and unique spot to place the watermark. For this you only have to specify the dimensions like top, bottom, left or right space etc., which can be coordinated by the drag and drop option.

Borders and Shadows:

Borders can give your image an elegant look as shadows can create very special effect. With uMark you have all the options to get that special and professional look for your images.


uMark is an integrated software that can be used with Windows Explorer which can process your image faster. It supports almost all types of file formats like JPG, GIF, BMP, TIFF and PNG.


uMark needs a few more keyboard shortcuts to make editing watermark a better experience.

Price: $29


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