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Mobikwik: Complete recharge and wallet payment solution review

Mobikwik, in the owners own words is "Personal Digital Wallet for all your payment needs". Founded by Bipin Preet Singh, Mobikwik is the biggest growing mobile payment service. With a presence on all major mediums - online website, Android app, iOS app and Windows app - Mobikwik has grown exponentially with the count standing at around 5 million users currently in India. It processes around 100,000 payments daily with a majority of them being on mobile platforms and adds up around 10,000 users daily.

At a time when there are so many competitors in the market like Paytm,, etc, and not counting the service providers own payment portals; it really goes on to show how much the users of Mobikwik trust the service. Leave alone the experience of others, I have myself used Mobikwik numerous times and found the experience a breeze to use. I have recharged my mobiles, DTH and even bought a smartphone from eBay using Mobikwik as the payment gateway as it was offering a flat 10% off on the payment. Even at the time of writing this article, there are many offers available on the Mobikwik blog page.

This is not all that Mobikwik offers. You can even pay your postpaid bills of most major private cellular and landline service providers. You can even make your Data card, Life Insurance, Electricty and Gas payments using Mobikwik. Now let me tell you about its user interface in general which is common in all ecosystems - PC and Apps.

User Interface

The user interface of Mobikwik is basic and very easy to use and navigate. The icons are simply represented on a green background in all ecosystems.
Click on the appropriate option, enter only the most basic details like the Policy number for Life Insurance, Customer account number for Electricity bill etc., enter the amount and proceed for the payment.

If you have balance in your Mobikwik wallet then the payment will happen in a jiffy, otherwise it will take you to the payment gateway to add money by way of Credit card,
Debit card, Internet banking, Cash card or by Cash payment. Once the money is added your payment will be processed soon after that. Mobikwik is probably the only wallet service that offers the option of cash collection from your doorsteps and that too for no or minimal charge.

Money transfer

Mobikwik in its aim to grow as a complete wallet service, recently ventured into the arena of peer to peer money transfer too thereby imitating the role of Paypal in India. You can transfer the money to any of your friends by way of email id or registered mobile number or Mobikwik user. Just like a banking transaction, the initiator received a OTP and the funds are transferred within minutes.


There is an offer section too which is primarily for sites which have Mobikwik integrated as a payment gateway. Like I told you before, you can get 10% off up to the maximum of Rs.1,000 on eBay by using a Mobikwik coupon. You can check the Mobikwik coupons page to see where all they can help you to save some money.

Wrap up

By expanding into the money transfer section, Postpaid bill payments, gas, electricity and Life Insurance payments; Mobikwik has really been to come quite far, quite fast in online recharge business. Adding to its pros is its simple design and very easy to use interface which has made it a leader in the area of online wallet payment and recharge service.


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