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Is the idea of sending bulk SMS is scaring you away? Need not worry this time. Register with Bhash SMS. which is now one of the largest free bulk SMS service sending site in India, and send any message to as many numbers you want across India. All your messages would be delivered instantly through the Bhash SMS bulk SMS gateway which delivers messages in bulk quantity as per your instructed schedule.

Bhash SMS is one of the best solutions for business people who need a hassle free way of communicating with their customers. It is one of the best online SMS resellers located in Bangalore, that offers a variety of revolutionary features to interact and communicate.

The instant delivery of messages is the most attractive feature of Bhash SMS services. The SMS network is quite reliable assuring timely message delivery along with an array of options that help customizing the package. The SMS platform has that freedom to send messages to multiple users all at a time. All these come with the benefit of lifetime validity. So now staying in touch with peers, colleagues and family members has become all more exciting as you won't have to make a hole in your pocket to avail this advanced communication technology.

Key Features and Advantages

Promotional Service

By availing services from Bhash SMS  entrepreneurs can boost their business with the magic of promotional SMS sending SMS anywhere across the country at any time that needs only a simple internet connection. All you have to do is following few simple steps. With the help of Bhash SMS promotional SMS gateway, you promote your services and products reaching all your clients and potential customers at the most affordable rate.

Transactional SMS India

Transactional SMS services  have achieved  tremendous popularity in the recent days. These are extensively used by companies for promotion, to market their products and services by sharing the latest upgrades with their prospective and existing customers . Send your clients and customers the latest information on the status of their purchase, transaction confirmations, updates on promotional offers, instantly. Take your business venture a step ahead with the easy to use and exciting transactional SMS India facility.
Transactional SMS India is an extremely beneficial offer package launched by Bhash SMS. has brought to you an easily accessible transactional SMS gateway where anyone can register his business name and start sending bulk transactional SMS at extremely affordable rates.

SMS Reseller

SMS reseller is the  who connects the consumers with an SMS provider. The resellers purchase a units in bulk to benefit from wholesale rates. Bhash SMS stands out to be the most cheap SMS reseller in India, wherein you can register your business firm and promote your products and services easily through their SMS gateway reseller.

SMS Api India

Now check out the best bulk SMS services from the most reputed bulk SMS Api in India. The bulk SMS API is the deciding factor of the quality and reliability of the SMS services being used. It is the connecting link between the sender and the receiver that works through a telecommunication network. The more sound the API works,  the better the service you would get. SMS gateway India API,comes with the quality assurance that is highly effective in delivering your message to a large number of receivers at the correct schedule fed to it.

Wrap Up:
The regular users of Bhash SMS rated it to be one of the best bulk SMS service provider in India.  The simple user interface with convenient drop down menus navigates easily through the various features of the portal. Sending SMS to multiple users at a time is only a matter of a simple click. One can add multiple receivers and unlimited sender IDs and use the hassle-free online texting feature and experience the fun and stay connected.

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