How to add more emails in Windows 10 or 8 mail app

In Windows 10 and Windows 8, Microsoft has standardized a lot of things. Same settings which multiple apps use are now organized at one place or under one Setting. So this tutorial is specifically for people who are finding it difficult to add more email accounts in their Mail app. I myself faced this problem so I perfectly know how irritating this can be.

Especially for those of you who are used to the desktop based Outlook software for managing your email this can be a traumatizing experience. For instance in app based interface you cannot drag and drop your emails to move them to a different folder. You have to right click first, select multiple mails and then use the Move option to move emails to different folders.

That said, the most common problem with people starting with the Mail app is the issue of how to add more email accounts to your Mail app. But default you Microsoft account is added to you will receive mails from it. When you first launch it, the app will prompt you to add another email id if you want but after that you will be hard pressed to find option to add more accounts. Because the fact is that the option to add more accounts is not present in the Mail app!

Due to the standardization done by Microsoft, whatever new accounts you want to add have to be added to the Account settings in the Charms menu. For this you need to go to your Mail app and press Ctrl + I. This will open up a tab from the right side as shown.

You can see the Accounts option appearing here. Click on that and you will see the already present accounts. The last option will be Add an Account. Click on that.

Now you will get options to add accounts for some well known services. If the account you want to add does not exist here then you can click on Other Account and do the settings manually.

You Mail, Calendar and People apps are connected so it means that all these apps will access to the accounts you add here. If you face any problem in adding an Account let me know below in comments.


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